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  1. sorry alphacam, but we need to upgrade his prior partner lost the key so we need to up grade and replace the key to use it full potential
  2. im currently running cabinet vision 11 ultimate
  3. have you experienced any issues with false trips with the safety with woods or laminates?
  4. i recently opened a new 5000 sqft shop and partnered up with a guy so now we have a full blown cnc machine capable of cutting up to 5x12 with push off table. i need to get a new table saw and having a hard time deciding between grizzly, powermatic or sawstop. looking at a 5 or 7.5 horsepower. people have said i should get a slider and can get one delivered and installed with training for 8000, but the fact that i have a cnc in my shop i dont know if i need a full slider. money is allways an issue but dont mind spending money especially for the main tool of a shop. i can get a grizzly 7.5 for $2900. a powermatic pm2000b for $3900. a powermatic pm3000 for $5200 or saw stop industrial 7.5hp for $5100. im looking for honest opinions from fellow woodoworkers