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  1. Thank you for your replies. Don't know whether I did more damage than good but the client is happy
  2. Cast iron. I have jointed boards with fair results just shy of expectations. My last jointer was a old 8" jet that I could get better results with. I spent an extensive amount of time tuning that machine. I do not wish to repeat that same experience with these machines. I believe with proper technique jointing a 10' board should be no problem on a jointer with an overall length of 70"
  3. So far the company I purchase the jp combo off of has been extremely accommodating and for that reason I care not to mention their name. I purchased the tool about a year ago and quickly brought to their attention that the tables where not flat. With a little effort on my part within a couple of days they agreed to send me a new machine and promised to thoroughly check it before it arrived at my shop. Now I have two machines that I find far from acceptable when it comes to the tables being flat never mind coplanarity table to table or table to cutter head. Please see my attached picture and confirm or dismiss my concerns. Are there any techniques that I can use while jointing to produce a high quality product with one of these machines? I expect to be able to straighten/flatten a 10' board within a 32nd. Is all hope loss?
  4. Completely agree with the oxymoron part. The piece is definitely one solid piece and extremely old. The client is a bit of a collector of African pieces. What would be the purpose of the dealer recommending a 100% oil which would never harden? Is baobab wood like ipe making sealers/modified oils counter productive?
  5. Currently have a client with an outdoor solid (carved out of a tree trunk) baobab day bed. The client would like me to clean it without removing the patina then reapply oil. She says the person that sold it to her recommended almond oil. Any suggestions on cleaning followed by wipe on oil finish? I'm trying to slow down the growth of check marks.