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  1. Hi everyone, Hoping someone can help me out here as I am clueless and don't want to ruin an expensive piece of wood! 18 months ago we had a large wooden shelf installed. It is made of beautiful oak and was treated with Danish oil at the time, but hasn't been treated again since. Now we have got new flooring in the room where the shelf is, and the colour of the oak looks wrong with the floor. Is it possible to stain the oak shelf a darker colour, or will the stain go on unevenly/not at all because of the Danish oil? Would we need to strip or sand the wood? Or is it just impossible and we will have to keep the oak shelf as it is? If anyone has any experience of this (successful or otherwise) it would be great to get some advice. I would hate to try and stain the wood only to completely ruin it. Thank you!