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    Sheesham table

    Yes. The benches were covered with seat cushions and did not get sun on them. The table was exposed to morning and afternoon Sun through tinted windows for the last 15 years. Other than the color difference the table is in great shape.
  2. Stacyb

    Sheesham table

    Thank you. Yes, the table was exposed to the sun and the bench was not. The bench is the original color. I found something somewhere yesterday that said to keep sheesham wood away from sun and heat due to both causing lightening and/or discoloration. I was not aware of that previously. Both have been indoors so the sun came through tinted windows. The bench did not get any Sun.
  3. Stacyb

    Sheesham table

    I have a sheesham kitchen table, bench and chairs. The table has faded quite a bit and I would like to know what I can do to restore it back to the original color as it no longer matches the bench and chairs? I asked about it at Ace Hardware but didn't know the type of wood at the time. A stain & water based polyurethane were recommended. I've seen waxes recommended elsewhere for sheesham is that preferred over Is polyurethane? Is the wax protective? Would it darken the lightened table? The table is not as light as the picture looks but is much lighter than the bench nonetheless. Also going forward how should I care for it?