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  1. Ran into some family issues here lately.. I hope to get my project back on track before the end of the month. I'll post pictures or ask questions as the time draws closer! thanks again for all the advice so far! -Josh
  2. I'll probably spend more on finishing supplies that I'll have spent on the wood itself by the time I'm done! Figured everything said is great advice and I plan on cutting a couple 4"x10" pieces - maybe 6 or so to try different looks. My biggest issue with a pore filler was I wasn't sure if it would have the top vs shelves looking so absolutely different - it'd then look tacky. Main reason for pore filler was that I might use this desk for reloading on occasion - which the pore/grain may not be anywhere large enough for a paper clip to disappear - I know powder would! On my sample boards I might take the final sanding down a little further to see if that'll smooth things up enough and after recommended coatings - I'll waste a little powder and see what happens. - Side note- 2nd reason for grain fill was perhaps tinting the grain for a deeper / darker grain without affecting the board as a whole. - Seal board - tint grain filler - sand - finish... But the more I thought of this the longer the project would take. -Seeing Chet's finish - I see the grain or pores definitely stand out.. @Chet - Would adding an oil before the shellac darken it more? Thanks all!!
  3. Bottom picture looks more brownish.. top redish.. I'd assume the camera's changing the actual tone a tiny bit.. Does it appear more redish brown or Brown redish.. If that makes sense? Dude, Awesome looking chair and that' finish is beautiful... You used just garnet shellac.. not dewaxed shellac correct? What cut ratio did you use? Thanks for the reply and examples too!!
  4. So I'm getting ready to start a project with a good friend whose a carpenter... They'll be the brains for sure. I'm mediocre at wood work at best so I needed to bring in outside help. I've got the design and total in board feet figured out. So I'm moving to the finishing and looking to get all the material. I'm starting with a general purpose desk atm - secretary desk for lack of a better descriptor. I'm not really looking for that high gloss look which means (From my understanding) I'll stay away from Lacquer. I plan on pore filling the top but wasn't completely sure if the remaining pieces of the desk will still look or match.. OR if everything, Legs, underside, and shelving needs to also be pore filled.. ?? (Looking at water based grain/pore filler). I thought using oil would be best and more economical and if pore filling the entire project would be required - what if I took my sanding from 220 - 600 or higher to ensure the flat level surface(without pore filling). I narrowed oils down to Teak, Tung or Linseed. I'm not sure if dying is really needed as I do like the natural look BUT I also have read since the wood's natural that there can be visual differences between one board and the next... So advice? After oiling - or alternatives - I'm open to sugestions... What sealer would your recommend? Thanks for any advice / help. I do appreciate it!