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  1. justaguy

    New Shop

    vertical, and there may be settling
  2. justaguy

    New Shop

    So, I am a step or two ahead of you. My shop is 30x40x12'. For walls, 2 inches of HD closed cell foam, 4 inches of cellulose. Blown ceiling to R50. Came to just over $5k. These are midwestern prices, not eastern WA - which I just left. Temps have been low, high today of 12F, lows hovering around 0F. Keeping the shop at 60F. been working out there a fair amount and have been surprised at how seldom the furnace kicks on. I give most of the credit to the foam, there are no air leaks. I will find out how well it is working when I get my next propane bill. I did not want to pop for the insulation either, but figured I cry once, or every time I got a propane bill in the winter, or electric bill in the summer (AC).
  3. justaguy

    More DC Systems

    Steel Collection Drum – Clear Vue Cyclones the diagram in the assembly instructions says 95.5 inches 20 gal drum
  4. justaguy

    More DC Systems

    They have height requirement diagrams on their web site. Varies with the size of collecting drum. I'll try to find it
  5. justaguy

    More DC Systems

    So I have an older ClearVue setup. 5hp, 16 inch impeller. 6 inch PVC ducting all the way to the jointer, planer, Saw Stop, and both bandsaws. Changed the ports on the planer and jointer to 6 inch. Changed the port on the Saw Stop to 5 inch below, and 4 inch over the blade. Both bandsaws have 2 4 inch pickups. Only the sanders have single 4 inch. Router table has 2 4 inch pickups. Overall, very pleased with the system. Did add the collection bin sensor. Over filling the collection bin is a major PITA. One of the few purchases I have made that I have not wondered if I could have done better
  6. My next step in the shop is to determine the slope, and get a guesstimate on volume needed. The house and shop are new to us, and I have projects in both. Right now I have to get back to the house. Once volume is determined, I have to find out which of the leveling products is best for a shop. I have already found some that can be left exposed as a working surface. What I do not know is the required temp for application. I am keeping the shop at 60 F, but the floor is less than that. This is WI, and it is winter
  7. Rapid Set 50 lb. CTS Concrete Leveler-186010050 - The Home Depot I just found this stuff. Did not know it existed. Looks like it can go to at least two inches in depth Thanks guys. Very helpful I am not aiming for a dead level floor, just something that I don't need climbing boots in and where I can put a pencil down and it does not roll off
  8. Floor is concrete. This is snow country (central WI), so the drain was either to allow for melted snow off of a vehicle, or for washing a vehicle in the building. It was a barebone shell when I got it. Losing the drain would not be a loss. I have not measured the offset, nut it is enough that if I release the wheels on a bench or tool, it will roll to the drain. Occasionally I have done projects with epoxy, and that would be a challenge. I really like the idea of a raised wooden floor, but probably too late for that. Coop and BonPacific: What are the compounds you mentioned? First set of pics is after the electric work and foam/cellulose insulation. Last two as I was prepping to paint, which is now done.
  9. I am setting up my new shop. The building is 30x40x12'. Solid 2x6 studded walls. Problem is that it has a drain smack dab in the center of the floor. Very little slope to the first 4-6' in from the walls, but then has an increasing slope down to the drain. I am trying picture how to wedge the downward side of either a table or tool to get it level, while still maintaining the ability to move things as need arises. Suggestions?
  10. the video that played after the linked video does have great detail
  11. Shoe goo is what I have used. Find multiple places
  12. justaguy

    New Shop

    I honestly do not remember. I no longer live in WA, so cannot check. Beside that it was a triple head unit to condition the shop, the LU above the shop, and an out building. Incredibly energy efficient
  13. justaguy

    New Shop

    That is why I mentioned 72 degrees
  14. justaguy

    New Shop

    Good looking space to work with. Congrats. I am in the beginning of the middle of my own new 30 x 40 space. Reading your initial post, I had a 30x30 shop in Gig Harbor. No insulation, walls covered with sheetrock. I had a Mitsubishi unit for AC and heat pump. Had no trouble keeping the space at 72 during the "winter". New shop has sprayed foam in the wall, so far so good.
  15. justaguy

    New Shop

    Good looking space to work with. Congrats. I am in the beginning of the middle of my own new 30 x 40 space.