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  1. Clear Vue would be my rec for dust collection
  2. I got my PCS from here SawStop - Product Brand - This IS Woodworking I live in a state that has onerous sales tax.
  3. as above, or go 6" all the way to the machine. I have a Clearvue, with 6" ducting to most machines. Some have dual 4", or a 5 and a 4 on the SawStop
  4. I just finished a project using Target's Emtech EM8000cv with good results. Also new to HVLP and surprised myself with the result
  5. Currently live in the PNW, and have two really good sources for any type of hardwood I want to build with. We are considering moving to Prescott, AZ. I am wondering what is available in the area. I would consider Phoenix as very reachable any info would be appreciated
  6. Lamps (woodturnerswonders.com) I got one of the Super Nova's when I felt like splurging. After six months I got two more. Super bright, accurate color, long neck and cord. Very well thought out product
  7. I want to try a Target finish for a dining table going into an RV. It will be exposed to warm plates, water, alcohol, and sunlight. I tried calling Target for guidance, but got an answering service with no call back in three days. I am thinking EM8000 with crosslinker If it matters, the center of the table is maple with a thin wenge accent stripe, with cherry outer end
  8. Thanks for the Marc Adams/Mitch Kahonek recommendation
  9. When I decided to get serious about my woodworking (and had the time) I went to a 12 week course to get myself grounded in the fundamentals. Now I can build things reasonably well, but my finishing sucks. Does anybody know of a course for finishing? I have been looking, but not having much success I am interested in coloring wood, pore filling, and spraying finishes - oil and water based