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  1. It is looking really good. I started on mine at the end of Sept, '21. Finally rounding the last turn
  2. I used Griot's polish. I used to have cars that I would polish once a year. Pour on, spread it out with your hand, then polish off. There are different grits to polish, just like sandpaper. I would go coarse, medium, and then fine. Each step removes the "scratches" from the previous step, replacing them with finer scratches. Wipe the residue after each step. A slightly damp cloth works well. I had a random orbital polisher. A fine mesh scotch brite pad under a random orbital sander would work just as well. Must be random orbital or you will end up with swirls.
  3. The only epoxy I had on my build was for the river itself. I sanded wood and epoxy to 220. I used my polisher with rubbing compound to get the epoxy surface smooth and clear
  4. you are going to like it. There is a learning curve
  5. Nice birthday gifts. I have a set of the Blue Spruce butt chisels and love them
  6. Yeah, I know. When I shop these days my first choice is Made in the USA, second choice is anybody but China. Sometimes there are no choices, which I find really sad
  7. So I ended up with the Milwaukee. Spoke with Jessem to get the correct mounting pattern for the 5625. They knew their old router had issues. The old router was built offshore - probably China. They are planning to start building their own routers, plan to be available in the fall. They had good things to say about the SpinRite. Got good reviews from their customers.
  8. That or the Bora is what I will probably end up with. When I first put this table together, I was choosing between the Jessem router and PC7518. The Jessem's remote variable speed control and RPM readout got my vote/$$. Wish I could get a PC now. Hindsight is wonderfull
  9. mine are also floating, but tacking them down with one pin or screw in the center of each end is typical. My table does not need help with ridgidity
  10. Not available for 4-6 weeks, and I am in the middle of a project. The Spine Rite specs sound good but is made in China. I could limp by with a hand held and edge guide, but prefer using the table.
  11. I have a Jessem router table with a MastRLift II. The Pow R Tek router died (again). It must have been a problematic piece for Jessem, as they no longer have it available. Need to get a variable speed 15 amp router to replace it. Recommendations? Any experience with the Bora unit?
  12. That is correct. One pin/screw in the center on each end. I built a small cabinet to sit on the shelf. like pkinneb, I haven't seen the shelf for quite a while
  13. can you shiplap the slats. Worked for me, YMMV