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  1. Thanks! What grit of sand paper should I use after the first coat and then the final coat? I also had put some prestain conditioner when I was planning to use stain. Should I wipe the whole piece down first with mineral spirits?
  2. Does polyurethane leave a film? Which one is more durable? I just went out and bought the wipe on poly in satin by minwax, but now I'm not sure if the danish oil is a better choice? I haven't opened it yet.
  3. Do I need to apply something before I use a poly varnish?
  4. I am leaning towards this plan! LOL. What would you suggest for an oil based poly varnish?
  5. Thanks for your reply. I tried the medium walnut a month ago and some parts of it seemed to take on orange tinge. It was on a piece of scrap wood though. Not sure how fruitwood would look. The sample color or it looks more pinkish tinged than gold like the one on his table. What do you think tung oil would look like. I know I'm all over the place trying to find something that will look good and it is going to be a lot of trial and error. I have yet to try....tung oil, just polyurethane, a gel stain or dye stain. Hopefully I won't have to spend all my $ on this trial and error! LOL
  6. Do you think it was plain Danish oil or colored? What exactly is skip sanding?
  7. Thanks. I was thinking maybe it was some type of pine stain but with something added. Do you you think there is anyway my table could look similar to this or is the wood on mine totally different?
  8. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what might have been used to get this color finish. I asked the guy who made and posted it but he didn't want to give out this information.
  9. Well this time when I sanded to 600 the stain looked like it was hardly absorbed. When I applied another coat it looked even worse. Maybe it's the new formula of the minwax stain that is making things more difficult. It's called a semitransparent stain. It says it dries in 2 hours compared to the old formula. Both are oil based and the color seems the same.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not sure that I am talented enough to do a good job spraying though. My skills are pretty limited at this point but I am learning a lot from all of you! I wish there was a local place that I could get some hands on help and experience so I'm not doing so much trial and error on my balcony!
  11. Do you prefer varathane or minwax?
  12. What products are you referring to? Do you mean applying like a spray paint? I only have my aparment balcony to work on so I'm not sure if that would be a problem.
  13. Well, the trip to the paint store was not much help. They didn't have any gel stain for general finishes and the old masters I didn't like at all. The guy was honest though and said that he didn't think the old masters or general finishes would be much different so suggested I keep working with the minwax. I have never sprayed anything, and I want to try and keep it simpler. So maybe I'll keep trying with the minwax. I got close on one of my attempts so maybe the third or fourth or fifth times the charm! LOL