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    Learning new concepts and the chance to be creative. Finding out how the craft was done for hundreds of years and the satisfaction of the hard work that goes into it.
  1. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Rikon 1HP Wall Mount Dust Collector I see listed on Woodcraft's website. I am looking to add dust collection to my shop which is my detached one car garage, so a wall mounted one would be ideal for space, and also since I am mainly hand tools but use the Dewalt planer and will be buying a jointer in the future. Basically having a dust collector that can handle one tool at a time would be fine with me. If I didn't go with this dust collector I was considering the Dust Right 1250 CFM model with the 1 micron canister. I wan
  2. Just to follow up, but I went back to the Woodcraft where I mentioned I bought the Bessey clamps that were out of square, and the guy who had helped me told me that he actually did contact Bessey and their reply was that it is a QC problem they're aware of. That they know of a batch of clamps that have this issue. Definitely helps me feel validated and not crazy. He also said that they also mentioned that what caused the problem was fixed, so hopefully any new batch of the K Body Revo clamps will not have this issue. I needed a couple more clamps anyway so we used a square to double check,
  3. @Chet @Coop Thanks for your help. I figured the speed square wouldn't be an an exact way to gauge how square the clamp is, but used it to show what I was seeing when gluing up. I also have an engineers square that I was getting the same result with. And I considered that the plastic feet could be the issue, but I got the same result using the bar alone as a reference, just couldn't balance the square on the bar to take a picture. I'm hoping maybe this is a one off incident. Maybe just those couple clamps were defective because the other two I bought are clamping squarely and eve
  4. Hello, First time posting here as I've only been woodworking for a couple years at this point and could use your guys opinion on something. Up until now I have just been using f-style and trigger style clamps because I've slowly been saving up for one tool at a time. I finally bought myself my first two parallel clamps today because I plan on building a proper workbench and dining table this spring, so when I went to my local Woodcraft I ended up going with two 40 inch Bessey K Body Revo clamps. I was also eyeing up the Jet parallel clamps and would have bought one of each to see which