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  1. liz

    Help with interior wood

    Thank you Coop! It’s a little over a hundred years. It’s small but just the right size for us.
  2. liz

    Help with interior wood

    Sorry, I meant to say match the pillar in photo 1 with the beams...
  3. Hi, I am new to the forum and need all your expertise! I live in an older house that has nice old window frames, some old wood columns and some new rough wooden beams put in. I bought the house ten years ago, with all these features but have noticed over time, that the wood has started to dull/fade. Is there anything I can do to reinvigorate the wood without refinishing it? There is too much wood for me to take on a project like that! Also, any suggestions how I could match the pillars (in picture 3) to a colour closer to the rough beams on top of the pillars? Thank you so much in advance! I love wood! Liz