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  1. Surely, I'll have to try to know, I'll all let you know once I've runned the tests. Thank you !
  2. I guess you're right, but Ill try with some different finishes, just in case by magic I found the good one ! But thanks a lot
  3. Ok thank you very much, I'll have a look to this product
  4. Ok thank you for those details on the process. I will then try different options and see how it reacts
  5. Also trying to work something in this direction. But as I want to produce locally, not so many type of wood I can use ! But thanks, I do agree with you, would be one of the best options
  6. Don't know about this process… Could you telle me a bit more ?
  7. Thank you for the tips, could you tell me which oil and the beeswax brand ?
  8. This test has to be run for sterilization. Thanks for the suggestions
  9. I'd love to used it unfinished, but simply impossible… What do you mean by SDS ? Sorry… Thanks a lot for Osmo and Roubio that I did not know about, gone a check those ones !
  10. Thanks for the laughter! This object has to be resistant to long exposition to toddler saliva, and have to be able to be sterilized, that is why the boiling process is required in the regulation
  11. Hi, I am working on a project for little toys for kids in Europe. Those tiny objects must endure a test where they will be plunged into a container with boiling water (100° C / 220 ° F) for 10 consecutive minutes. Then some chemical tests will be run to check some element migrations on other part of this toy (in latex), so while boiling, the varnish shall not release any toxic component that could transfer onto the latex parts. I have to go through this specific test to get the regulation approval ! So I have no other options to find the solution. It has been a while I am looking for such a product online, but so far, nothing's match this test. Does anyone have any idea of what could work ? Thank you guys ! Adrien