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    Hobby Woodworker. Typically make furniture. No that much interested in checking out turning, ... yet. More just a power tool guy, and not that much into hand tools. Though, I do want to get a Veritas blockplaner for fine shaves, at some point here.
  1. Thanks RichardA, I will do that. Just didn't think I could PM him.
  2. Greetings All, I am somewhat new to the Colorado Springs area, and I heard just recently, the The Wood Whisperer is in the Denver area, form George Vondriska, of the WWGOA (Wood Worker's Guild of America.) So I thought I would join you all, and see about people's suggestions, of where to get rough cut lumber. It seems my online search, for rough cut in Colorado Springs, comes up with furniture places, but not where to get lumber to joint and plane oneself. Otherwise, I've enjoyed a few of The Wood Whisper's streams, but will be looking forward to more.