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  1. Sure thing Mark. Going to tackle the fix this evening.
  2. Thank you for all of the suggestions. I am going to go with some sort of inlay and space them so it appears I meant to do it. Luckily its form my office and it will be a great lesson learned. Again, thanks for all the help!
  3. I have a round table top that is the trying my soul. Started the project out as any normal glue up. Domino's set in at the proper depth from the circle outline. Never took to much off in each pass. Router jumped out of the groove and of course dug into the table side not the waste side. Moved the router in 1 inch, hit every domino at the edges, collet nut came apart and again, dug into the table side. I believe my only option is to place a white oak band around the table. My thought was to make a jig of MDF, steam the wood and get it close to the exact size of the table. Most likely 3