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  1. Thanks for all the help and tips guys but don't forget that in my original post I indicated the customer wanted a freestanding wardrobe and that I was looking for the formula to figure out how to stand up with no wedging into the ceiling. obviously the easy answer is to put something together in pieces to make it fit but it's not what I was looking for. The formulas provided by matt, Beechwood, rmac and pagel are great help. Thanks for the formulas everyone.
  2. I'm even more confused now cuz it seems as though your formulas are different or conflicting? Thanks all again.
  3. Ok. You guys are better at geometry than I am so.....if C is 84 inches and A is 24 inches that gives me a diagonal of 80 1/2 inches or less to fit. That being said, I now know my diagonal (thanks to you guys) but now how do I figure the maximum height?? Thanks again. Rich.
  4. I have a customer who wants a freestanding wardrobe in a room with low ceilings. does anyone know of a formula to determine how high i can make the cabinet and still leave enough room so that it can be stood up without wedging into the ceiling?