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  1. Well, that de-escalated quickly!
  2. Randall

    new remote

    I use the Long Ranger 208V module and bought 2 extra remotes ($20 each). I then picked 3 locations and hung the remotes from the ceiling, none of which are more than 2 steps from a blast gate. No more leaving the fob in the pants I ain’t wearing or losing it outright.
  3. What about water and sewer? Did you ever look into that? That’s the one thing i miss in my 40x20 detached shop. my understanding is that it would be about $17k just for the hookup in my county.
  4. I just had the same problem described in this thread regarding the tensioning assembly disassembling because the tensioning rod Does not have a stop. After trying in vain to remove the flywheel by hand, I called Jet support who confirmed that I was using the proper approach (rather than removing the entire assembly from the housing), and I was able to easily remove it using a puller. Not Including the trip to Pep Boys to buy the puller, it was about a 10 minute fix: pull the wheel, manipulate the parts back in place, and hammer the wheel back in place using a short 2x4. The only issue w