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    My interests in wood working go from making custom gun stocks and refinishing antique furniture to building newels and fireplace mantels.

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  1. I am willing to keep up the maintenance if each refinishing lasts a full year. Ed
  2. Thanks wtnhighlander, You have made me realize that one needs to know chemistry or at least have an analytic mind to be a wood finisher in our contemporary world. I will stick with oil. Ed
  3. Thanks for the timely response to my question. I did try an Armstrong-Clark oil finish and was very dissapointed with the results. I thought I had wiped up the excess oil on the deck but the finish turned black in about a month and down to bare wood in about 5 months. Do I need to due some special deck prep before oiling it? Although all of you were very negative on any film finish, Earthpaint explicitly promotes a film finish for Ipe. Has anybody had a experience with their products? Ed
  4. I live in southwestern Virginia and have an Ipe (Brazilian hardwood) outdoor deck. This wood is very dense and oily making penetrations and adhesion problematic. I have tried oil and film type finishes(Sikkens) with limited success. Marc Spagnuolo suggested an epoxy sealer followed by a marine varnish for a table he was refinishing. Is this appropriate for a Ipe deck? He also refers to a CPES (whose source he does not specify) which has a better penetration. Epoxy distributers indicate that epoxy is not suitable for outdoor applications because it does nor expand with changes in temperature. I need suggestions for a suitable approach.