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  1. About 1 hour. Btw I replied to your question a couple of days ago but, being technically challenged, my response disappeared into the ethernet.
  2. Yes I'm interested. Please pm your phone number again as I haven't received it. Thank You
  3. I appreciate that. I'll give them a call. Thank you
  4. Do you know anyone in the area that might have any?
  5. How can I contact you about buying some cherry and walnut?
  6. Both cherry and walnut. In cherry I'm looking for 2" stock +/- 14"-18" x +/- 9' to 10'. In walnut I'd prefer wider but whatever is available. Thank you Thank you
  7. Does anyone know where I can buy slab and live edge hardwood in Eastern Tennessee or close proximity even western North Carolina. Preferably kiln dried. Thank you
  8. I grew up in Houston, actually Bellaire long before it became gentrified. Where in Houston do you live?
  9. Thank you. I'm a self taught hobbiest who acquired a very nice shop over the last 40 plus years. When I retired I intended to make a little money building furniture and hardwood counter tops but I ended up building furniture at a very consistent loss for my family, friends and church. Oh well, it makes my wife accept some of my shortcomings. I like to build beds and tables but I've built tv consoles, counter tops, cabinets and lots of other stuff except I've never built a chair. My last couple of projects were a copy of The Railroad Barons bed built in walnut, a live edge walnut sof
  10. I appreciate the response and very excited to join the forum although I don't have much knowledge to offer.
  11. I just found this forum and joined today. I live on the Cumberland plateau and I gather relatively close to you and other members. Do you have kiln dried local hardwoods for sale? Thanks