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  1. @ curly oak thanks for the tip, I will cut the length down a bit, and after telling my wife she could put blankets in there... she said more like cleaning supplies only.. 12” or 14”sounds good now. Make room for the high demand toilet paper and I may need to lower the cabinets for reachability or buy a step stool for top shelve. Fantastic answers from everyone so far. With the advice and picture/links coming in, I’m able to better prepare for these projects. I look forward to more advice. V/r, Brad
  2. Thank you Pkinneb and richardA. if the quality is going to be with using ply, Thats good Advice and I can agree and do the ply for all pieces not of relevance. I will plan on making the sides that are visible with solid wood. I was thinking of floating those pieces because they would be engraved with a CNC. I hope that would also allow for moisture and swelling, and so forth.. Lol, sounds cool in my head, but not trying to re invent cabinets. Just make something that will be appreciated down the road. anyways I‘m in the process of drawing my plans for a cabinet over the washer and
  3. I would love to build kitchen cabinets for my house. I’d like to build the carcass from solid wood and of course the panel doors, but this is where the questions start popping up for me. Is it okay to use solid wood for the entire carcass, and then at what thickness should the carcass walls be if I use solid wood.. Would it be wise to avoid a full solid wood carcass? Maybe have the back board be plywood backing to help prevent stress splitting from moisture swelling Im not looking to save money, as this is a project I when I start that I want to go all out on.. any help would be gr