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  1. I agree with mike, my delta ts350 did not fit the t2 fence but after drilling new holes and installing the fence I am very happy with it!
  2. Looks great bill, now if I could only find a way to get my wife in the shop lol!
  3. Agree either way would work I guess the screws just gives you the peace of mind!
  4. I would agree some kind of stop block will yield you the most accurate and efficient multiple cut.
  5. This is the way I would traditionally do them however I have four per side so a total of 16 of them. These are all in 8/4 maple so I guess I am looking for a "easier way" lol
  6. I have it and even though I have built a ton of cabinets I still find this very helpful as a shop resource!
  7. So I am in the process of building my outfeed table that will measure approximately 4' by 5'. There will be two stretchers per side. I am having a problem coming up with a good/fast/accurate way of cutting these bad boys. Traditionally I would prefer to cut them with my dado stack. Hhowever due to the lengths I am thinking id rather not fumble around with long pieces like this. These are also 8/4 maple so they are rather heavy, which adds to my reasons. I have a few ideas but how have you guys handled this problem??
  8. Well I guess I should have been more specific there will be a outfeed table running the width of the entire saw....not sure if this matters much but my thought was basically the fence would ride along the table.
  9. So I have mounted my new T2 fence on my Delta TS350 and am wondering if I really need to put on the back rail (located on the outfeed side). The reason for me asking is that I would like to get my outfeed table I am currently building as close as possible. I also would prefer to not have to drill and tap out any more holes! lol Overall the fence seems to lock fine wiithout it but am I missing anything...should I just not be lazy and put it on??
  10. guys I bought this gun myself and absolutely LOVE it! I have used the Grex and PC and this one is equally as good and a third of the price!
  11. As the title states, should I use 4'' or 6'' PVC to run my DC in my new shop. If I use the 6'' I will have it split to 4'' and 2.5'' for my Router table and bandsaw.The runs will be around 10'-14 with 2 45 degree elbows and plan to close all blast gates while each machine is used. Also on another note has anyone had luck hanging PVC on drop ceiling?? Thanks!
  12. Wilbur thanks for the great link! Your roubo looks amazing...I am almost positive that will be the route I will take, however I am now questioning pegging the stretchers and legs???
  13. Well guys I have started my Roubo bench but have still been thinking of a way to attach the legs to the base. I would love to dovetail the legs into the top, but I must allow for the bench to be seperated from the top for ease of getting into and eventually out of my basement! I was thinking about a mortise and tenon stretcher along the upper part of the legs and then bolt it to the top. The top will be laminted 8/4 maple, 6' long x 4'' thick x 20'' deep so it will be rather heavy. Any other thoughts or ideas on how to attach the two?? also do you see a problem with movement between the legs a