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    I love challenging myself and the patients I get from woodworking. I like building jewelry boxes, pistol cases, bow racks..pretty much anything.
  1. I would have to find some red oak. I literally used what little oak I had which is why I made the lid separate. This was basically a scrap wood challenge..not really but you get it I may just live with it since once the two hasps go on the front it will pull it down..doesnt take much pressure at all. This was a good learning experience. I had used glue that I think had been frozen and several years old to start with then the miters broke so the corners were never perfect again so i added pressure with a meryl corner clamp instead of just tape and I think the extra pressure sprang the wood causing this, also I didn't clamp it down to the table like a dumb dumb... from now on the glue comes in the house where it wont freeze. I still may try Curlyoak's method. If i do ill post back and let you know how that went. Thank for all the reply's
  2. No unfortunately I didn't have a wide enough board for that. I wouldn't be in this problem if I had a wider board to accommodate cutting the lid off the box which is what I usually do. This is the first time I made the lid separate
  3. I did try that in the beginning but it was thinning one side of the lid noticeable more than the other side and like I said If I keep doing this there will be no room for the glass and the little mitered wood frame pieces to hold in the glass. I would really like to try a moisture, heat, clamp type of solution but I'm unsure which technique to try I.e moisture on the top or bottom to cause a reverse cup etc etc. Kinda need someone give me the step by step lol Oh and the base is perfectly flat it's just the lid that's warped, twisted etc. probably from putting to much clamp pressure on it and not clamping down the entire frame.
  4. It's not hinge bound it does the same thing without hinges. Also I cannot sand it down anymore or the glass wont fit in the rabbet. I'm hoping for a process of adding moisture, heat, clamping it to dry etc just not sure.
  5. I'm almost done building this pistol display case but after the lid fell apart (before I added the splines) at the mitered corners when I was sanding it on a flat surface I glued it back together with better glue (titebond 3 ultimate) but this time instead of using just tape to hold the frame together I applied some extra pressure with a corner clamp (partially due to the fact after sanding the old glue it wasn't a perfect miter anymore) well after I took off the clamp it was no longer flat and presented this warp you see in the picture. If I put slight pressure it will go down and lay flat so when I put on the two hasps on the front it will hold it down and look good but I would just like to have it lay flat like it should if possible, also when I put on the chamfered edge on the lid and the base this gap will look even bigger until the lid gets held down by the hasps. Anyone have any ideas that have been here before please let me know the lid is flush on the back and the right side just warped on the front mostly towards the left and also the left side.