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  1. I am refinishing my grandmother’s cedar chest. Circa 1930? finish did not respond to lacquer thinner or denatured alcohol, so I sanded away. (Just the lid for now) I am up to 220 by hand and love the look and feel just the way it is. Can I leave it in the raw ? Box will be decorative storage in a spare bedroom so it shouldn’t see much abuse. Will the finish police track me down ? side note: after 90 years, the knots still gummed up my sandpaper.
  2. All, I have an aluminum and fabric Deck chair. The fabric seat has failed. I want to redo the seat with wood slats. i want some flex/spring to the seat. Does the Wood species Matter much , or is it the thickness that matters ? no artwork going on here. Looking to make use of that chair frame, and use up some scrap wood.
  3. I finished some cherry with rattle can shellac and it came out great ! Both fast and easy. Is there a down side other than cost.? I don’t see a lot of talk/interest about rattle can use. what about rattle can lacquer ? Seems like it would be a good finish solution without a sprayer setup. please share your experiences.
  4. Walls will be glued up panels of solid cherry. A heavy 5/8 thick. Box will be 17 “ tall. I’ll put 5or6 dowels in each end. how about a dado in each post to seat the wall panel in ? Should help stiffen things up and give a little more gluing surface ?
  5. Hello all , first timer here. I want to make a toy box with 2x2 “posts” on each corner and the front/sides/back doweled into the posts. Will this be OK ? Using reclaimed cherry moulding. Thinking of leaving the “posts” a little taller than the walls so the lid floats some. thx, mike