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  1. I'll actually be the first here to admit that I watched the show earlier this evening ... and it wasn't that bad. Either he's reading off of a really good script and they're doing a lot of takes or the guy knows what he is talking about.
  2. Brian, Check out video #46 on TWW site. Marc does a video on applying finish on a door. With him being in Arizona, I'm sure it would apply to you in New Mexico. Chuck
  3. Marc, I see a lot of posts for boxes ... how about a variety of small boxes in a series of videos. 1 box in each video for holiday gifts. A list of possibilities (mostly a compilation from above): 1. A bandsaw box or 2; 2. A box with a sliding lid (for a bottle of wine); 3. A well-detailed jewelry box (possibly 2 videos or more); 4. A humidor; 5. A more generic box. You could use various joinery techniques ... I think this would spark some of our own design ideas into making our own boxes. Chuck