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  1. I just bought a brand new Grizzly 17” resaw bandsaw and Woodslicer resaw blade. I cut a bunch of pine, padauk, walnut, with the grizzly blade, 1/2” 6tpi, with minimum resaw deflections at 3.5” of resaw width. The bocote I just ripped. As soon as the Woodslicer comes in, 3/4” blade, I’m going to resaw4/4- 6” by 58” long into 3/16” pieces of padauk, then go for the Bubinga. Then a $130 piece of Macassar ebony that’s 3” resaw width at 43” long, might actually cut off 16” first. Exciting and cringy at the same time
  2. I’m glad to hear from everyone that the company is of quality standards and appreciate the feedback. I saw only great reviews which is why I ordered from them. Buying a superb resaw blade at $50 is more along the lines of my budget than a $200 resaw blade. The company told me this morning they are sending a new blade out and hadn’t ever had issues either. So I’m content. Just need myself to remain patient as the wait to resaw this expensive hardwood goes on!
  3. The cracks, and the box it was in, was coiled up just about same as that 1/4” blade. Both arrived in that box. I coiled it how it is in picture
  4. Yep, I emailed them with pictures. Really just posted to see how unusual the community thinks this is. How many times should a 3/4” blade be flipped into a tiny coil? To me it seems just standard three loops/coiled, not sure what the proper terminology is.
  5. Anyone have experience resawing 4/4 by 6” Bubinga or Macassar Ebony? My ebony is 3/4 by 3”. The ebony I’m resawing into half’s. And Bubinga I am doing 1/8”. Any tips would be great.
  6. I just had a Woodslicer resaw blade delivered to my house, opened package to install on bandsaw and as I unwrapped the blades wrapping I noticed lots of cracking. There are at least twenty cracks on a two foot portion of a 131.5” blade. I’m thinking the person that packaged the blade decided to fit the blade in a box too small by twisting the blade an extra time to create a smaller diameter. Which is total bs. Now I can’t work, and not sure if I feel like ordering more blades from this place.