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    Hey everyone this is Dave Darr, owner of Walrus Oil, just noticed the conversation and wanted to offer some insight. All of our Furniture Finishes are curing finishes. The "Furniture Finish" is most similar to your typical Danish Oil. Our "Furniture Butter" and "Furniture Wax" are made of both drying oils and hard waxes. We also offer a Tung-Oil based product called "Cabin Walls and Hardwood Floors" which is probably the fastest drying product we make. None of our finishes have added dryers or synthetics, so they can sometimes take slightly longer to dry than some finishes that have accelerators in the ingredients. In regards to our non-drying finishes, that would be our Cutting Board Oil and Wood Wax for Cutting Boards. When using our Furniture Finishes with stains, we always recommend only using them with oil-based stains that are fully cured. And just to be safe, test it on a small area first or scrap piece of wood to make sure the results meet your expectations. You guys are awesome, thanks for the support, and stay safe out there during this weird time!