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  1. I have an overhead closet in the bedroom, and am looking for ideas on what kind of doors to install. As you can see, I keep storage bins up there, and the easier it is to get things in and out, the better. I was thinking the best idea might be to have a door that lifts up with gas struts? Would I have to break it up into multiple doors, or could I do one long one? Where do I get the gas struts, and how do I know how strong they need to be? What should I make the door out of, and where can I get ideas on how to make it look nice? The only other ideas I could think of, were sliding doors (maybe 3 panels), or 2-3 sets of regular cabinet doors. But I'm not sure I like the look of sliding panels, and also worried that the obstructions created by the hardware will make it annoying to get stuff in and out. Would greatly appreciate any insight or input.