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  1. Thank you for the expertise! This gives me a lot to work with, and I've got a much better idea about supports now. Sounds like laminate is definitely the way to go. Time to put this into CAD.
  2. Thanks for these ideas. I like the idea of extra support at the seam. Highlander, this is going to be somewhat of a catch-all space. Doing electronics/soldering, arts/crafts projects with kids, legos, puzzles, and working from home (all computer work). I'm open to any suggestions for an appropriate top! Edit: I'll also add that the wall it's on is going to be a pallet wood wall. So as much as I love the idea of a butcher block/wood finish on the counter, I also don't want clashing wood patterns.
  3. I have a room in a finished basement which I'm beginning to turn into an office/makerspace/work area. Along the full length of one wall, I'd like to build a long workbench. This would be 12.5' (150") long, and 30" deep. I would like it to look good, but be functional as an interior workspace. This doesn't have to be dining room table quality, but I also don't want it to just be 2x4s thrown together like a garage workspace. I was assuming I would frame up the bench first -- Install 2x4's along the 3 walls for support. Connect with a beam/s across the front, and studs connecting the two long beams at intervals. (Sorry, I don't know the right terminology here) I know this is a long table, and I would need support in the middle. I am not planning on having any cabinetry underneath. At what intervals would I need to place additional legs/supports? Instead of legs going straight to the floor, I was thinking of mounting a beam at an angle so it's connected back the wall for support. I have yet to figure out what I want for the countertop. This is the first type of project like this for me, although I have done other woodworking projects before. Am I on the right track? Are there any blog posts or articles online that I should be reading to learn more about this type of project? Thanks for any ideas you have.