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  1. He is not asking about the granite version but ridgiest new table swathe r4512
  2. do they ridgids go on sale frequently?
  3. the gears could have some sawdust in them or there might be some friction when is the last time you lubed up your saw? Another is how new is it? as for the belt that sounds like an alignment issue. You might consider getting a link belt. I have one on the way for my saw and i dont even need one but i herd alot of good reviews on them
  4. depends most of the time no. i have done so myself but checked with power, gas, water company's for lines and i also talked to the city. It is all dependent on the city you live in. Just make sure you follow your electrical codes.
  5. Agree almost everything i have ever bought says this. But yet they tell you to use surge protection. imo that is a form of an extension cord YES? Either way run a line out there burry it in the ground not hanging to avoid ice storms again.
  6. i never have the problem with using my last name
  7. Simple my name. lol i wonder what wood would say if it could talk back. "Hey fool dont even think about putting me through that saw. I saw what you did to my friends and I want no part of it." "Dont worry it will only hurt for a few seconds, and then you will have multiple personalities but in the end we will make you one big happy family" Wow way to much time on my hands
  8. depends from what i herd the parts are now starting to disappear as this saw has been discontinued sounds like a great deal though
  9. porter cable owns black and decker and some others. the one thing about the Ridgid and craftsman version not to sure about PC never looked at theres but there is no stock zero clearance yet. Lee zero clearance is making one as we speak. the ridgid does not come with a wide throat plate for dado like the craftsman but i made mine out of 1/4 in mdf and just cut a nice wide grove around the entire outside of the plate and left about 1/8 all around it works great. Good luck on your decision
  10. yea i get that alot on my sites i will usually call the company that is asking just to verify that it is them. i find that most company's out there will create some type of note or number that corresponds to them wanting to advertise on my sites.
  11. Also make sure the gap in between the grills are a bit smaller so the dogs cant chew through them
  12. James i had probably the same skill table saw or similar i had the 119 dollar small diy saw that was ok but i need bigger and better. As for a ridgid dealer just go to home depot thats who ridgid is with. i do agree that PC is a black and decker product with PC on it. I wanted to get a cab saw but since i am happy and content with my new one that cab can wait. I have my eye on the new unisaw or a powermatic when it comes time. I have read and spoke to a few people on using a hybrid saws for fine furniture and a lot actually still use contractor saws. My good friend who does a lot of local high
  13. i looked at three hybrid saws. the one you mention, craftsman's and ridgids new ts R4512 and chose that one because the fence moved smoothly, the on off switch was in a way better spot then the PC and it came with a lifetime service agreement which was a big plus for me. Ridgids TS has been a big improvement for me and it has not let me down yet.
  14. i have it got it at the bend, oregon home depot for 529.99 and they are at alot of the stores here in oregon and in southern california
  15. depending on the nailer usually nothing just make sure that the compressor is strong enough. Most nailers will come with a filter. my set up has an inline filter but my system is also ran through out the shop with 4 connections on walls and one in the middle of the ceiling