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  1. I think i found the problem. This is a groove and rail that isn't working. It seems like the rail slipped out of the groove. I'm going to try a jack and see if I can put it back.
  2. I think your right, its hanging on the edge but I'm not as strong as I'm supposed to be right now to fix it myself. I was hit by a car almost 2 years ago and that's a whole other story.
  3. I had help to tighten while I tried to move the motor into position. The weight is a considerable factor for me to tinker around extensively. Here you can see how tilted it is compared to the case. No matter how much I lift it, it doesn't straighten. This is as good as I can get it.
  4. I bought a shaper a few months ago and didn’t get into trying to use it until now. Trying to change the rpms I loosened a couple bolts too much and the motor dropped a little bit. Now its slanted/drooping and bolted to the main plate and I can’t straighten it. It’s at a 4 degree angle now side to side, not counting straight across the v belt. Does anyone know anything about this? I tried to call a tool repair service but they aren’t around for at least a couple weeks.