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  1. I did take off 64. the freezer is next. for clarity, here's my current situation. Thanks again!
  2. I want to remove the base as well as the springs, and removing the base would allow me to access the springs. The guy I talked to at WEN yesterday called me back this afternoon. He'd been working from home, but was back at work today. He said he and one of the mechanics tried heating and hammering but were unsuccessful at removing the base from the one they tried on. He said there must be some type of heavy duty glue involved, and a reciprocating saw would be his advice. Granted, I don't know how hard they tried, etc., but I was pretty impressed with the callback especially considering it took
  3. Hey folks - I'm trying to remove the base of my plunge router (WEN model 6033). I've removed set screws (#63 in exploded view), and being that this is my first time attempting something like this, I'm looking for a little guidance. I've watched lots of videos and read lots of various articles and the like on the topic, but it seems that every router is different. There are no pins to knock loose, I've carefully inspected to find more screws, and I've called WEN. They suggested a little heat and to "just tap it out." I had just woken up, and I didn't have my wits about me just yet, so I failed
  4. Hey there - I had read this post just the other night, and while just randomly perusing the internet earlier today, I found a product that made me think of your problem. I'm certainly no kind of expert in the field, but if I were you and didn't know what else to do, I'd do THIS! (I'm in no way affiliated with this product or it's company, I'm just somebody who read your post and happened across this..thought I'd share.) save an additional 20% with coupon code KRAFTY20 (link removed) good luck! Let me know if you try it! EDIT - Just search for wood restoration beewax on Amazon,
  5. Hello everybody! My name is Adam. I'm 35 years old...not for long, as my 36th is fast approaching (May 25). I've been lingering in the background for a few weeks, but I'm finally getting around to introducing myself. I'm very much a beginner here, but I'm happy to say that my interest in woodworking has gone from a strange case of voyeurism to a player sport as of late. I live in a little bitty quiet town in Southern Virginia with no lines on the road or stop lights, and though I love this little bitty town and my little bitty place in it, life is far from anything like I thought it might be.
  6. I'm absolutely blown away by this. Bravo! What an inspiration! It's so interesting to me - the way the cattails seem to incite nostalgia, emotion, a sense of home and what it is that we inherit from it. How is it that these chairs seem to tell a complete story upon sight? Not in the traditional sense with a plot, but...I'm sure you all will comprehend my sentiment. As this plays out now, to a late comer like myself, there was a moment at the bottom of page 1 where I thought you'd trashed the whole project. Let me tell you - I never thought I'd come to care so much about somebody else's chairs!
  7. Oh gosh man, I have no words, no wisdom on such a subject. Though I'm just some stranger on the other side of a screen, please know that as I prepare to shut my eyes for the night, my thoughts will be with you. I have to say... I'm brand new here. I'm sure you guys see a lot of newbies, and who knows if I'll stick around; I sure don't. The reason I registered here and not any of the other sites I've come across of this same "genre" or whatever is the genuine connection to and care for each other you all convey. I imagine it would be apparent to anyone who spent a few moments perusing th