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  1. Carving it out was my other option that I did not list. So no one thinks kerf cuts is a option
  2. I’m making a replacement seat and back for a antique chair. The back is curved. I’m making a piece that goes from seat to top of back and it curves with the chair back. my problem is I tried to make thin panels to laminate together over a form. However the oak keeps splitting as I get thin with it. So I was going to try and steam it to bend that piece is around 5/16 thick but again Zi have a crack in the middle. I’m now thinking of curf cutting two pieces on opposite sides bending over a form and gluing them together. any help would be appreciated. This is jus
  3. I still think solar panels are worth it. The rules changed here before I bought mine. You only get the fuel cost back when selling power back to them. So you pay .09 Kwh to buy power and only receive .025 kwh to sell that same power back to them. I’m still arguing my case with the public service commission. The power company talks about their power cost but Solar power owners have power cost as well. My point is check your laws and regulations first. still I have 30k out on 34 panels that creates more then half the power I consume, I negotiated Twice the normal credit towards the pow
  4. My electric was running an average of $350 a month. I have electric stove, 5 ton high efficiency AC, about 2800 sqft with another 1000 sqft shop. I have all led Bulbs and still have a high bill. i just invested in 34 solar panels so I’m off averaging and will get back on when we have the solar panels for a year.
  5. I’m actually from Chalmette in St Bernard. Katrina Made a direct hit and wiped us out so we have been here since.
  6. Actually I used the clips wynn sells. I screwed the filer to the box from the inside and screwed a 1 1/2 inch wood ring to the bottom. I use that to band the clear bag to. I cut the bag in 1/2 due to Lack of space. I have 9’ ceilings so its pretty tall.
  7. I see two things that could increase your systems performance. The first thing is using larger duct. You can increase the Suction by up to 50% using 6” pipe instead of 4”. You will need to step down to 4” by each tool and the fittings can get expensive more so if you have a large shop. The reason larger ducts work better is your moving more volume and stepping down at the machine increases the speed at the machine. If you just have 4” duct the whole way it starves the blower and the air speed drops especially on the longer runs. The second thing is switching to pleated canister filte
  8. That’s the 3 hp. I can try to find pictures of the 1.5 system
  9. A Anemometer took readings in multiple locations before and after the changes each time. I have to use the strap now to make sure I do not lose it. Lol
  10. I bought a 3hp Shop Fox Dust collector, a super Dust Deputy XL cyclone, two wynn canister filters and reconfigured it to fit my needs. I had made several changes over the years and made test while making changes. using a 1.5 hp DC with bag filter I noticed to improvements. When I added a canister filter I got a 50% increase in suction. Then another 50% increase when I switched from 4” PVC duct to 6” PVC duct. Now when I switched to the new 3hp collector, swapped the Thein Separator with the Dust Deputy and added the second canister filter I got at least a 400% increase
  11. My Name is Richard Brown. I’m a disabled Marine, long term woodworker. I was a moderator on another forum for years and after it was bought by people who covered the site in ads we had a falling out. I created my own forum for and tried that for the last 6 years but recently decided it was not worth it anymore. Which brings me here. I’m looking for a new home. I build cabinets, furniture, even things like decks etc. I enjoy turning, making things like cutting boards, jewelry boxes etc. and been fooling with cnc work. I do small jobs for a furniture restoration company which expands o