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  1. Nope. I added the 2nd laundry room and just put electric since the other one was also. i would have liked a gas range but not adding a new gas line.
  2. Mine would top $500 in summer. That’s why we use the levelized billing. Well i got off of it after getting the solar panels. Its been over a year and I’m going to get back on it. It should be under $200 its an investment but I think its worth it in the long run.
  3. Thats my house bill. The shop is connected to the house. I have two laundry rooms. One for me and the wife in our master suite and one for everyone else. I’m retired kind of and home all day, i watch my grand daughters and work in the shop nights and weekends. I have electric stove and dryers but water heaters and central furnace are gas. I’m working to lower the bill but its been that way for 28 years. I’ve just gotten use to it. Lol i always say I could probably turn off the main breaker and still have a bill higher then most. It is what it is.
  4. All these shortages are mostly due to covid.
  5. I used 4 48” 4 t8 bulb fixtures mounted in the ceiling. They have led bulbs 5000 daylight color. the color of bulbs matter if you use colors be it paint or dyes. I had soft white bulbs but it made purple look blue. I timurned a pen I tjought was blue and when I walked outside it was purple. Lol
  6. Ok I’m back. After like 14 months I cut my electric bill to $200 a month. I lose about $28 a month on average because of that rule change I mentioned. Plus I work in my shop a lot after dark which hurts. If I could work during the day and use the two electric dryers only during the day I would likely save a lot more. I’m losing money for produced power not used 4.8 MWh so far since they were installed. my whole house generator paid off as well this year. Power was out a few hours one day but 17 for another. I have a 22kw generac. Power was always out here before i invested in the damn generator.
  7. I had one and sold it. Used it like twice in 4 years. I use my grizzly planer to flatten and straight line rip on the table saw.
  8. As for as a .5 micron bag I’m going to say no. Get the wynn canister filter. A bag filter gives you like 30 sf of filter area and the wynn canister gets you 220 sf of filter area st the same micron level. Its easier to clean and will not clog as often. i second the separator idea. here’s my set up 3hp 2 canister filters cyclone 6” duct 30 gal can to collect dust
  9. A little background first. After always being a very close family all living in the same area. Hurricane Katrina dispersed us. My Dad survived Cancer but we lost my uncle, then my sister and 16 year old niece to car accidents. I had two brain surgeries in 2 months and we realized how important it was to get together more. So, we had just started a family get together once a month with 12-20 people about 6 months before covid hit. so today after everyone has been fully vaccinated we finally got together for a Crawfish boil. It was nice weather and a great day. It lasted about 6-8 hours and we already planned our next meeting and hopefully a crab boil for June at my House. Family is a wonderful thing and people should get back to just enjoying time with their family and life in general.
  10. Actually it is either 1 or 2 part. I like it because of its properties against water and it being one coat. It my understanding is that it bonds to the wood and or resin in like 3 min. after that it won’t stick to its self so as you spread it around it covers any areas that you missed. thanks for the reply and i will look into the Osmo as well. my son like waterlox which is also expensive but a very nice finish that is water proof. Great for table tops, desk etc.
  11. After leaving a popular forum that was taken over by ads, I tried to run my own forum. I did do based on only donations. After several years I gave up. Donations do not come in on a timely manner or consistent bases. I’m not sure why they changed things or by how much. I’m just thankful to have a forum available to use at the moment. .
  12. Somehow my account had the wrong email listed without my knowledge. David got one of the Admins to find and fix the problem so I could reset my password and get signed in again. THANK YOU !
  13. I needed to be able to cut and rip thick slabs. So i bought this monster.