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    Covid-19 Vaccine

    I think the vaccine is safe for everyone but you have to keep in mind what kind of vaccine you want to use, because there are so many types of vaccines that in some countries some people under the age of 35 are not being vaccinated. On the other hand, many people have very low immunity (using online pharmacy vitamins is recommended) I think it is very important for them to get vaccinated. However, some people have seen some reactions after receiving the vaccine, although this has not happened to everyone.
  2. I spent the entire weekend finishing the old basement room putting in laminate-from-hell and some IKEA Billy cabinets (not a fan but can't beat them time/cost-wise.. honestly it looks pretty good). So not much progress in the workshop. I was thinking about hanging some of the kitchen cabinets I bought on the walls in my workshop, but I'm not sure what is the best way to do this. I have no experience with the tongue-and-groove walls that are currently there. I *think* there is plywood under the t&g but I am not sure. Any ideas on how to figure this out? Also, if there turns out to be plywood under there, can I just screw french cleats to the walls and hang the cabinets on those? Or do I still need to search for the studs?
  3. Any of the wood glues will be fine. The Elmer's stick will be stronger but only if it gets a full contact between both surfaces which can be tricky on a repair.The gorilla glue foams up and gets into any little gaps though and is ample for the job you are doing. Recently I have read that Titebond is kind of a better glue. I did research about a comparison of the Best Wood Glue – TOP 5 and yes, Titebond did come out on top. Go with what you got is my feeling.
  4. There is no solution. When I asked the older gent who refinished my parquet flooring (started his own business 35 years ago), he said there was no fix. You simply can't sand it out because it gets too deep and you sacrifice the flooring stability (meaning it'll split if you get too thin). But try more peroxide, soak the area, put a soaked rag on top and then plastic wrap on top of that and tape it all down to form a seal for over-night. Not like you're going to make things any worse.
  5. Whatever you cover the doors with is not going to stay. The laminate is too smooth of a surface for whatever gloss coat to grab and hold. It might look ok off the start, but it's probably going to chip/peel. You should use paint designed specifically for laminate/melamine surfaces - fibd reviews here
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