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  1. What is the difference between lapping film- and sandpaper used to sharpen with- Which one is better to get?
  2. What is a good knife to begin carving with?
  3. I found a ceramic stone on wood craft, is it any good?
  4. tomy josif

    edge banding

    What company is good to buy pre glued iron on edge banding, i have looked on amazon and there are so many options?
  5. what is the average price that vintage router planes will go for? where is a good place to find one?
  6. where is a good place to buy sharpening stones and equipment
  7. What is the average price for a good water stone? I have been looking around but on amazon most seem cheap and from china.
  8. I have seen sandpaper that they say is good for sharpening. Is it really?
  9. I am a beginner woodworker that has a set of chisels and 2 planes i need to get a sharpening sytem but don't know what to get.