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  1. no, it was a hot day though. should i put it in the refrigerator to try to harden the wax up?
  2. i think it is more of a gimmick and selling opportunity. but it does not hurt to try.
  3. i think your best bet if you have time is to build your own to the size you want it.
  4. i had bought some of the disposable masks in february for woodworking not knowing that they would become scares in the months ahead. i have heard they are coming back in stock now.
  5. thank you everyone, would it be better to buy the fixed base and plunge base at the same time or can i wait until i need the opposite one.
  6. i just bought some sc johnson's paste wax at home depot when i got home i opened the tin and it was of liquid constant. is this normal? i have never used or bought paste wax before.
  7. you should have luck matching the colors. the more sanding you can do the more they will match.
  8. maybe pocket knife handles, drink stand, display cases for various items could be a hit too
  9. are the prices comparable to other stores? thanks
  10. i think widows would be your best option like others said. however before you drywall and insulate make sure you have enough outlets and a couple 220 amp ones too.
  11. i completely agree with you, you will probably not get the same result but something a bit different without the dust
  12. you first option is to do it with hand tools using a plane. this would work but might take some time and effort. the second option is to take many passes with the cnc starting from the middle on one side and going all way down that side in small increments then continue on the other side. you would probably still have to even this out with a plane or sand it. in the picture it looks like it is plywood so you could bend it by putting water on one side. the wood whisperer has a great video about this. this is the best way i can explain it to you but do some digging in the web and on youtube, i am sure other people have had this predicament too.
  13. i think they sell this glue for leather but i don't use the stuff so good luck