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  1. In my city there are Habitat for Humanity ReStore shops . they have a bunch of used construction materials. I have found Diston Saws, Wooden molding planes, bit and braces, Stanley Hand planes etc. look up locations in you town.
  2. I had 5 of the double t8 fixtures installed since the 90s. I recently found on Amazon retrofit kits. The kit removes the ballast, provides a wire for connecting the posts that hold the map. The bulb was a self contained Led and supporting electronics. Daylight and they are not kidding my shop feels like outdoor sunshine on a summer day. There is not noise, radios and wifi work without issues. T8 LED Light Tube, 4FT, Hyperikon, Dual-End Powered, Easy Retrofit Installation, 18W (48W equivalent), 2200 Lumens, 4000K (Daylight Glow), Clear Cover Pack of 12 UL Listed Non-Shunted T8