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  1. @Chip Sawdust is it this one: Should I buy an extra blade or the plane already comes with a blade? Also, should I buy no.5 jack plane or no.4 1/2 as a smooth plane?
  2. @Chip Sawdust very nice setup!!! Is that CUTECH 8" jointer? How many hand planes you think I will need to start with?
  3. @curlyoak yes, the no.5 jack plane and a low angle block plane are in my shopping list as a starting point. I will save money for a jointer. Thanks
  4. @RichardA yes, I did. Actually the Gizzly and the Shop Fox are very similar. The Shop Fox saws are being sold on Grizzly website
  5. Hello everyone, I am a beginner and trying to buy a good table saw in the range $700-$1000 as a long term investment for my hobby. I am impressed by the Shop Fox W1837 with following points: 2 HP, 120-Volt/240-Volt, single-phase (prewired for 120-Volt) cabinet-mounted trunnions serpentine belt and pulley system for smooth and quiet operation with better power transfer than a standard V-belt drive system On the other hand, the Rigid R4520 which is quite popular with both the good and bad reputation. It is cheaper ($750 vs $1000) and the build is not as good. It does not have any of the good points listed above but I can install the Incra TS-LS ($500) later if I want to increase the accuracy. Maybe the Rigid saw is more than good for me to start my woodworking journey. So let me know what do you think? I am not so hurry with the purchase because I need to setup my shop in the garage first. Thanks in advance!!!
  6. Do you also need to watch out for the speed limit of the trailer on highway? For example, I read somewhere that the fordable Harbor Freight trailer cannot exceed 55 mph when being hauled.
  7. @legenddc Thanks for the info. I also bought the shaker table plan. Can't wait until I got my table saw and start to dive in.
  8. @Chip Sawdust, I have been looking for more info about the new Rigid R4520 table saw these days. The previous model R4512 is no longer offered in store. I also joined the FB Rigid owner group but I have not found much. Probably the R4520 is too new to the community. The review on HD about this saw is not very encouraging so I am hesitating. My budget for the table saw will be ~$700 and still looking. I heard a lot of ppl giving praise for the Delta table saw because of the fence. I will take advantage of Father Day deals and will buy one on that day. After receiving the feedback from our wonderful members in this forum, I also plan to save up for planer/jointer but it may take awhile. Also, thanks for your feedback about sharpening and the book. I will look into those.
  9. Hi Coop, That is sooooo sweet!!! Yes, I will hunt for a table saw and get it ready before I pm you for the trip. Having a mentor will definitely speed up my learning curve. Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Seriously? How can you fit those into a sedan?
  11. @Chestnut: thanks. The estimation of 150 BF as the haul limit is very practical. I will keep that in mind.
  12. That's folding trailer is so attractive!!! I can just fold it up and store it in my garage when I am done. Thanks for a very nice suggestion.
  13. At this point, my approach will be to install a trailer hitch for my CX5 and rent a trailer whenever I want to shop for wood. I will also bring a cordless circular with me just in case. Not sure when will I have a chance to drive a truck .
  14. Wow, that was very good deal!!! I will definitely try my luck on FB and CL. Thanks.
  15. @JohnG, Thanks a lot for you input. I will definitely look into that. The insight info you have from the CX-5 is amazing! For the planer, my quick search points to this $700 Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer ( Do you think it is a good one to start with? I like the ablility to keep it down to 83dB but not sure it's even possible haha. I will need to save up for a few months and will get it later during sale events. For now, I will invest on table saw and other tools in the shop. @Coop, I will definitely visit your workshop when I have a chance. Once in a while, I drive to Bellaire during the weekend to get some Asian food. Indeed, I graduated from OU before working for A&M. It's a nice surprise to see someone making frequent trip between Houston and OKC.