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  1. Right; this is the only design I've seen with this feature.
  2. There is a power strip mounted inside behind a removable faceplate (magnets). Works awesome.
  3. i remembered to take a few pics today; Nothing earth shattering but i really like his design. The sander sits a little high but I have a bad neck and back anyway. I changed the lock for the table pivot to one toggle clamp to make pivoting a little easier. I used steel bushings in both surfaces where the pin travels to keep wear and slop to a minimum. No switching cords when switching tools. Helps me in my shop.
  4. I finally built one earlier this year for the Ridgid oscillating sander and Makita planer. First time building from plans but after looking a lots of Youtube on the subject, Fishers Shop plan looked like the best. I like that it can stay plugged in while rotating and I added a toggle clamp for the pivot lock. I'll try and post a pic later. Having a full shop in a two car garage can be challenging .