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  1. conlo

    plunge router

    I have an elu 2 hp plunge router made by Black and Decker. The commutator needs to be turned down on a lathe. I cannot remove the bottom housing to be able to pull out the armature
  2. conlo

    plunge router

    anyone know how to remove the armature. I want to turn down the conmmutator. I have model 3338. I removed all I could see from the parts diagram . I just cannot seem to remove the bottom housing.
  3. conlo

    plunge router

    Have a Elu plunge router( made by Black & Decker ) model 3338. While attempting to rout by hand the motor stalled and quit. I think the problem is in the switch. I need to know if I can bypass the switch by hooking power directly to the black and white wires on the switch. The on switch is activated by pulling up on the lever which all I can see is that it lifts up the switch assembly a little on one corner with no mechanical connection that I can see. It is a single pole double throw switch and the contacts are made. Trying to get info from Black and Decker is not easy.