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  1. I currently have a 52" PM2000 with a self-built router table in the extension table. I've made the decision to make the switch to a Sawstop for the piece of mind of the safety. I'm leaning towards the 52" Industrial. I like the thought of a cast router table but I have a few concerns. From what I can tell the router bit is only 8" from the end of the table. This doesn't seem like much table surface to support the work piece. I positioned the bit 14" from the edge on the table I'm currently using and that has seemed to work well for me. Also, I've never had a need for a miter slot on my table and I'm worried the two slots on the cast table would be more annoying than useful. They break up the already small area that supports the work piece and I can see a lot of small things (screws, pencils, etc.) constantly finding their way into the slots (I'm space-limited and have to use the extension table as an assembly table at times). What's your thoughts on these concerns?