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  1. My 30 year old sleds did not fit new table saw due to spacing of miter slots. Gave my old sleds to the guy who bought the old saw, and set out to make new sleds. Did some research on best practices in table saw sled construction and found the following great two ideas that were new to me and perhaps others: Alan Turner in FWW July/August issue 2012, squeezes the two halves of the sled together with a clamp, before gluing the rails in place. This eliminates play in the miter rail guides. Eliminating an annoying source of variation. See my photo below. William Ng demonstrate
  2. Sorry for the confusion. The photo shows a rail of the sawstop being cut shorter using abrasive metal cutting blade. The video shows the table saw.
  3. I work mostly in hardwoods so a wide ripping capability is rarely required. With the SawStop cut down to size, I can still rip 24 inch wide. I also use the saw for crosscut and 45 degree cuts, but always with a dedicated sled that slides in the mitre slots. The one time I would like a large table is cutting 4 x 8 sheets of plywood, but my shop is just too small for that kind of equipment, so I have to cut those sheets down to rough size with skill saw and then trim on table saw. My old contractor saw had a table 24 inch wide, while my cut down SawStop with one wing attached is 34 inch wi
  4. I replaced my 35 year old contractor saw ( 24 x 22 inch table ) with a SawStop, but didn’t want to increase the floor footprint. So which SawStop model would be best for minimizing footprint? The SawStop PCS motor is normally sticking out the left hand side of cabinet, and moves inside when the blade is set to 45 degrees. The SawStop contractor saw motor hangs out the back. The SawStop ICS offered the best floor space efficiency because the motor is normally inside the cabinet, and sticks out under the right hand wing when blade is set to 45 degrees. By installing only the right hand wi
  5. I struggled with the Porter Cable Dovetail Jig model 4212, because it would not give me consistent results in tightness of joint and alignment of pieces. With a few modifications to eliminate variation, I was able to get consistent results. I keep a dedicated router with the bit installed so that I can set up quickly and make a perfect fitting drawer on first try without any adjustments to the jig or router. Saves a lot of time. Modifications are explained in this YouTube Video I am interested in any other ideas to improve the Porter Cable Dovetail Jig
  6. Byrd had never made a cutter head for Makita 2020, so they gave me the option of sending them the Makita head and they would make a copy, or I could provide an accurate drawing and they would make a Byrd head from the drawing. I decided to go the route of providing a drawing for two reasons: 1) it was cheaper that way. 2) I made some adjustments to the dimensions so that the cutting length of the Byrd head is 8.1 inches instead of 8 inches on the original Makita head. The 8.1 inch length allows the Makita 2020 to now make rabbet cuts. Now that Byrd has made a head for the Makita 2020,
  7. When the cutter head arrived the first thing I noticed was that end cutter at the “wrong” angle. What a disappointment. I contact Byrd to let them know about their manufacturing defect and hopefully send me a replacement head quickly. Well silly me !. The cutter is set on an angle on purpose, so that clean rabbet cuts can be done on the jointer. With normal use of the jointer the odd angle cutter works just like all the other cutters. On the Makita 2020, rabbet cuts are limited to a depth of 1/2 inch, then the wood reaches the casting the holds the bearing.
  8. Upgraded my old Makita 2020 jointer with a Byrd Shelix head. I think this is the first Makita 2020 to be upgraded as neither Byrd nor anyone else had ever made a cutter head for this machine. Here is a YouTube video of the upgrade: Here is a folder with upgrade guide in PDF format, and additional information on Makita 2020 including instruction book and parts list: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1w6LvL5J_PgqRbsTYaWZPupTGUERwunWy In the past, I took the Makita straight blades to a good sharpening shop that returned them with cutting edge grou
  9. Tis the season of covid, so find myself going through old threads. Good to see comments from you fellows as this shows the thread is still active. Likely too late to help IBPJ4, but perhaps someone else can benefit.
  10. Makita 2020 instruction book can be found in this folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1w6LvL5J_PgqRbsTYaWZPupTGUERwunWy
  11. Video instructions on lubrication and adjustment of RC-33. It covers the problem of planing unevenly.. Video also shows how to change to a segmented cutter head but you can just skip those parts. RC-33 Video Folder containing same instructions in PDF form, and also RC-33 manuals and parts diagrams Folder of RC-33 Files