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  1. I don't remember ever seeing Kreg on sale either but at Menard's (like Home Depot) in Wisconsin they do have 11% rebate on anything you buy several times a year so that can add up to a nice rebate check
  2. Never understood the hoarding TP thing throughout this entire epidemic. I mean it was affecting the lungs I don't remember ever seeing explosive diarrhea as one of the symptoms.
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    OTR for 25 yrs thanks I'll check it out
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    I'm from Dodge county up near Beaver Dam. Thanks for the welcomes and encouragement.
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    Hello, Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Dave I'm a novice woodworker from Wisconsin. I'm 51 years old so my hope would be to reach amateur level by the time I retire in 15 years or so. I'll be working as a weekend warrior for the most part. I'm just getting my shop set up. I don't have anything that needs to be made in a hurry so I will take my time and do my projects right when I do actually make something. My shop will be in one half of a 2 car garage so small would be it's size. I have inherited some power tools like a miter and table saw BUT the table saw is a 44 year old Pro tech and searching online for replacement parts actually took me to a site from the bought out manufacturer but alas no parts are available any longer. Can't imagine why, I mean really it's only 44 years old. It does work and cuts well and I can get blades but I'll have to work on ensuring it's square and make an outfeed table for it. Just a bit more about me I'm married, we rescue dogs and currently have 11 dogs and 2 cats inn the house. I drive truck but am home on a daily basis the hours are long however which is why I'll primarily be a weekend warrior my weekends being Friday and Saturday. That's about it from me stay safe and be healthy.