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  1. Fantastic. Really one of the nicest shops I have ever seen.
  2. Thank you very much. I'll get some (nicer smelling) Watco and do this. You help is much appreciated. Tom.
  3. Thank you for your suggestion. Does a wipe-on poly leave a film like finish? I dislike the "bar" look and was hoping to protect the wood without resorting to varnish finish. I really like the natural look of an oil finish. Thank you again Tom
  4. Hello, I recently completed a 8/4 hard maple counter. It is not a cutting surface but is near a sink and gets water contact. I applied 4 coats of Watco Danish oil, wet/dry sanding the last coat and leaving this for a full week to cure. The result was a very smooth satin sheen and looked great. As soon as there was water contact though the grain was raised and the surface felt slightly rough. Can anyone give me suggestions on what to do, what went wrong or if I have used the wrong product entirely for this application. With many thanks Tom