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  1. Hi Highlander, thank you for the words of advice. Shutting down the noise was the main reason for wanting to build a closet for the two loudest machines. I know the dust extractor is 90db. I plan on buying a large ish output compressor for the spraying equipment and a 'bambi' silent compressor for the brad nailers/staplers etc It was the airflow needed that concerns me with regrads to the closet and dust extractor. How can I calculate the size needed of said closet? We generally dont have cyclone dust systems available here in the Uk and those that we do (Laguna) after impo
  2. Hey, thanks for the warm welcome and the positive vibes............... makes a change for the tinterwebs I have already been reading a load of posts and am starting to get a better idea of the things I need to buy. Top of that list is a first aid kit, eye wash station and some fire fighting equipment............ Im thinking 2 x 6kg extinguishers and maybea fire blanket. A question I do have for you already! Do you think it would be ok to make a small walk in closet (under the stairs maybe) to house my dust extractor and my main compressor? Im not sure about the air flow needed
  3. and is going to set up a (I use the term loosely) Pro workshop here in the UK. After leaving school with very few qualifications I went stright into an on site apprentiship with my step dad. After 20years ish of sitework doing everything from Kitchen, bedroom and bathroom installations, to building outbuildings and doing all 1st and 2nd fix carpentry I have finally decided I dont want to work outside in the winter any longer. After losing my dad last year to a nasty battle with cancer, I have decided lifes to short to be miserable at work and with the help of a small inheritance (thank