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  1. Hi wtnhighlander: Thank you for ur response. Perhaps this might be of interest to some of your members. I love trying working with new materials and branching out from wood working such as welding and in this case stone. To answer your question the stone I used is a slate which is VERY hard . . . don't know the hardness scale . . . but I went through 5 diamond disks cutting and shaping the stone mosaic. I also bought an air driven wet polisher for stone around 250.00. . . It is much like any 5 " angle grinder BUT THIS ONE FEEDS WATER CONTINUOUSLY TO WHERE YOUR WORK IS. . . . 4
  2. So to continue on . . . I have been teaching myself and learning Epoxy for the first time. It looked like a fun thing to try. I started this 6 weeks ago . . . and wow what a lot of work and a steep learning curve. Don't you Love AND Hate those You Tube videos. I admire those who so work hard to put them all together and post them. IT ALL HAPPENS IN 15 MINUTES OR LESS! . . . Ha Ha What could be harder than that? ANYWAY : LQQking For Advise On The Following: I am at the point of having the forms stripped. More pics to follow over the next few days. BTW I used a De
  3. Hi Guys and Ladies: My name is Martin. I work out of Cloverdale BC. So I'll just jump in and share a few pics on my present project.