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  1. My first thought is that island is just soaking the Danish Oil right up. If this is a refinish job it could be that the old finish that was on there before is still lurking in that spot not allowing the oil to actually penetrate which I think would cause the old sheen of the original finish to hold true. I think a picture would tremendously help the more seasoned eyes on the forums help to diagnose the issue.
  2. And now for some pictures with some finish applied... Again...apologies for the head tilting. I really have no idea how to fix it.
  3. Another leap forward with the build. Switched the uprights to cherry after putting together the walnut and ash it just looked...not great. So I ditched the idea of using extreme contrast. Apologies for the head tilting. I tried to edit the image outside of WTO and it still imported like this. I got it in the clamps early in the morning and everything fit just great. Small gap on the middle shelf of unexplained origin . Still going to add the finishing touches to the uprights in the form of a small chamfer to help go with the profile on the front. However looking at i
  4. Accomplished a little more this weekend on the build. Final thickness and dimension of all the pieces. Went with a solid inch for the shelves and an inch and a half for the uprights. Unlike in Marc's video I'll be using reinforced rabbet joints to hold it all together. Going to get an ash dowel from The Woodsmith Shop to give it a little more support and help hold things together. Added a curve and 45 degree chamfer to the front to help give it a little more detail. Going through the grits right now. Hopefully should have a finished piece by the end o
  5. Decided that I was tired of waiting for parts to put some finish on this dang thing! Enjoy! Wipe on poly was used. Areas unfinished are being kept that way till I get the flocking material and hinges.
  6. The Freud set I have works really well. I run a router plane down the groves fore extra piece of mind and very very rarely does it pick anything up.
  7. I’ve actually considered making a sample board that contains all my usual species that I use finished with the finishes that I like. Now seems like a pretty good time yeah?
  8. It has been brought to my attention by my fiance that we are, indeed, in need of a new shoe rack . So I decided this would be a pretty decent project to start a small journal. The design of the piece will be Influenced by Marc's video he did on a shoe rack. The only material I know that I will be using is ash, which will be the shelves of the rack. I'm a huge fan of the prominent grain and some of the wild figure you can get from species. It also doesn't hurt that between my father and I we have about 200 5/4 BF of the stuff, ranging in widths of 8-12" that was purchased a while ago. How
  9. I've just come to the realization that blotching is an added feature to my projects. It's inevitable with some species. Also it gives it the "Made by Hand Character". My own two cents anyways.
  10. I finally got the fence totally taken down, major branches cut up and hauled away, and started the process of making the yard well...a yard again after the Derecho hit Iowa.
  11. Just a little box that I made from some scraps of stuff sitting around in the shop. Still need to make the dividers Made from walnut and ash. Bottom panel is just some cheap shop ply I had sitting around left over from a desk my father and I recently built. Waiting on some hardware and the flocking kit to arrive before I can go any further. Will post again once its all done. Hope you guys enjoy! Cheers! Luke
  12. Looks awesome! Did you use a piece of granite for the area underneath the GBE?
  13. Huge fan of the Grrripper and this is probably the most accurate statement regarding its use. Typically anything 1" and under I'll use mine. However if you plan on making cuts larger than about 17" in length you need a pair of them to make the cut without stopping and getting the potential for burns or nasty saw marks. The modular concept behind them is fantastic as well so you're able to "build" it according to your needs/wants.
  14. Would it be viable to glue two thin pieces to each side of the morticed leg and sand them back to get a better fit on the joint?