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  1. The big day will be November of 2021 so I should be able to get a few practice runs in before turning out some finals
  2. Thanks for all the advise guys!
  3. One of the local tool suppliers here sells these guys. Do you think it'll be suitable for a beginner or should I get something that I could grow into in the future?
  4. Hello Friends, Needing a little advise in regards to gifts for my groomsman. I'm in the process of making valet boxes, in variations of ash, walnut, and cherry (will show the whole builds later), but I also want to include something inside of them that I made as well. The issue comes with what else? I'm thinking of buying a mini lathe which would be perfect for making some bottle openers, pens, etc. What kinds of things have you all made? Looking for some ideas. Cheers!
  5. Woodworking, video games, fishing, and then more woodworking
  6. Those marks strike a very strong resemblance to some stains I had on my hardwood oak floors that I just refinished. I was able to get pretty good results by using hydrogen peroxide (ie. essentially bleaching like Wimayo suggested). After applying very light coats I watched it for a few hours and checked back to make sure everything was ok. Finished the floors with a waterborne finish and except for the darkest spots you would never know the stains were there to begin with.
  7. Looks awesome Robby! Can't wait to see the planer cart!
  8. Coop and others probably have much more insight into this stuff, but if you were to add a back panel to the bottom cabinet I think the rigidity would increase tremendously and your pocket hole count would be fine. However if the design and aesthetics are locked in then like the others said definitely get some sort apron(s) pretty close to the bottom to help keep it together. Pocket holes have worked great for the projects I've used them. Especially paired with good ole Titebond II.
  9. My father and I were recently able to pick up a couple rolls of rubber gym flooring from a school surplus auction that we put down in his garage shop which has concrete floors. It appears to help him work quite a bit longer in the shop w/o getting fatigued or having issues with his feet. I've taken a couple squares and set them in front of my bench (unfortunately have to share the garage with the fiancé's car, real shame I know) and its worked out pretty well. Clean up of dust and chips is pretty easy with the shop vac.
  10. Being a new woodworker I've had quite a bit of success with diamond stones like RichardA suggested. Are my chisels as lethally sharp as they could be...absolutely not. However, my fiance is pretty happy they're not since I may or may not have had to have some stitches in one of my fingers due to a chisel accident
  11. Hello Fellow Woodworkers! My name is Luke, I’m 28 and about a year ago my father got me hooked on this amazing little hobby. Since then I’ve built a few picture frames, some boxes, and a living room set consisting of a TV stand, end table, and coffee table. The most recent project under my belt was refinishing the hardwood floors in my new home. I know this forum is going to be inspirational and easily the first place I’ll be heading to for advice in my future woodworking adventures. So thank you in advance for all your knowledge and advice! Cheers! Luke
  12. Thanks for the insight gents!
  13. Hello All! My fiancé and I recently just bought our first home that has an uninsulated garage in a fairly humid climate (Iowa). In the future I plan on expanding and insulating the garage which will solve my problem in regards to rust and decay in my tools (table saw, jointer, planes, etc.). My question though comes from the short term storage of my hand tools. I am buying an upgrade for my hand tools (new carcass saw and two new planes) and was curious if I’m over thinking it by storing them in my basement which is dry and just grabbing them as I needed per project? Or should I just grab some anti rusting compounds and keep them stored with the rest of my tools. Thanks! Luke