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  1. Agreed. If its going to be a show piece rather than a touch piece I've had good success with polyacrylic. Did my first coffee table with the stuff and within 1.5 years the finish was shot. Refinished it with oil based, been 4 years now, no issues.
  2. I was thinking this was going to be the best option as well. There is a 15 degree under bevel on the piece as of right now but I'm unsure of what degree to take it to without making it look goofy or just weird (if that makes sense). Would doubling the angle be too steep? Or should I just plane the top down? The total thickness of the top is an 1 5/8" and was thinking if I took it down to 1.5" that would help out quite a bit.
  3. A wise man told me last Sunday..."You know since you just bought her a new couch that she's going to want a whole new living room right?" At first I just shrugged this off, since I just built our last living room set about 2 years ago. Then Wednesday night's conversation came around.... Fiance: "Hey....So I really like the stuff you built 2 years ago. Like I love it. However, it doesn't go with our new couch very well." Me: "Why is the old man right all the damn time!" Fiance: *Very puzzled look* Me: "Dad said this was coming and I said he was nuts. But obviously he has
  4. I'm really excited to work with the Sycamore, unfortunately do not have a plan for it yet but I'm sure I'll find something. The walnut is for my mom's new dining table that she's been wanting for about 15 years now . The hickory will be some new shelving for her laundry room (still working out the details for this), and the spalted material is going to be used in some new living room furniture for my living room. Should be a very busy summer none the less
  5. Got some shopping done today Hickory, Spalted Hackberry, Sycamore, Walnut, and some Elm under the walnut. Going to be a busy Summer.
  6. I think she’s pretty happy with the new planter/ privacy box for the patio. Still needs some lattice to finish it off but all in all a good weekend. Built out of reclaimed cedar from my brothers old deck and pickets from a fence he tore down. Made a lot shavings and dust with the old planer this weekend Cheers! Luke
  7. Another afternoon project to keep the fiancé happy completed. Next project actually contains woodworking. Planter box with a trellis. Should spruce up the back yard quite a bit.
  8. Finally got all of the base board and shoe put on through out the house this weekend. It's starting to feel a little bit more like home with every small improvement.
  9. I definitely pictured something different when I threw out the drawbore idea (which clearly wouldn't work for this ). The dado w/ stub tenon or a stopped sliding dovetail are significantly more practical.
  10. Is it within the realms of the design to drawbore it and match the dowel grain as best as possible? Or even stop it just before it protrudes out the front?
  11. Finished product! Decided since this was my first time solely using hand tools for sawing, flattening, dimensioning, jointing, etc I’d start off with something pretty easy like a cutting board. It’s nothing special, but was a nice little training exercise.
  12. This typically happens when you're moving the sander too quickly or using too much downward pressure on the sander causing it to dig into the surface rather than letting the tool do the work. It also might take a while for the sander to remove all the weathered material/stain. Once down to bare wood though you should see most of the linear scratches disappear but will somewhat visible until you proceed through the grits. Another issue might be with the type of random orbit you're using. If the pad is square/rectangular it can leave linear scratches like this. However if you're using
  13. It is a low angle jack plane that I recently bought brand new. I have a couple of older planes that haven't seen or been touched for about 20+ years that I'd like to bring back into a working state. However, I wasn't sure how a good plane was supposed to work so now I have a pretty good benchmark to hopefully get them up to snuff.
  14. Little case of the Monday’s today...