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  1. The only skew I'm not a huge fan of is the oval skew. I just find it more difficult to use vs a traditional skew. My go to tools for spindle work are the roughing gouge, 3/8" spindle gouge, and my 3/4" skew.
  2. Side note. The chargers sit on top now and run to the right. There's a plug in right out of view. Just enough of the cord is unwound to reach the outlet. Middle shelf holds all the containers with spare bits and our most frequently used screws.
  3. Left over scraps from the workbench build.
  4. Hey All, I was curious if any of you have had any experience with a solar kiln or have bought solar kiln dried lumber in the past? My father and I are potentially going to build one that can hold enough to dry about 500bf of material or enough for a couple hobby woodworkers to keep busy. And also offer the kiln to others that are willing to wait about 2-3 months (given weather conditions and thickness of material) a cheaper alternative. Currently have an Alaskan Mill with no intention of upgrading any time soon. The plans I'm looking at are from Oregon State University's website. Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!
  5. +1 to this. This can make a turner some very high end pieces if done correct. I've acquired a few root balls from fallen farm trees in the neighborhood. Just waiting on a project to use them on.
  6. This is one very similar to mine. Helps with a larger pieces that are in the finishing room because I can just use a 20V from a drill if need be.
  7. My mother is participating in a craft show and asked if I could batch out a bunch of these little guys. I have about 30 to do in about 2 months. This guy was the trial run to get batch process all hammered out. He's not perfect by any means but will look pretty neat on my new shelf. All in all took about 30min from block of scrap to first coat of finish. Plan on doing sets of 3 or 4 (buck, doe, and two little ones) for each set. And if nobody wants them, got some Christmas gifts ready to rock for this year!
  8. Yep it’s got a cleat that spans about 75% of the piece. Screwed into two studs with a couple filler blocks towards the bottom of the oak side so it sits flat
  9. It has been a long time in the making. Started this project before my wedding last November but with home improvement projects, working tons of OT, fishing trips, and a multitude of other things I have finally finished the our little wall organizer/shelf. This is definitely not an original design for those who follow Four Eyes Furniture this is obvious. Made of Walnut and Red Oak. Shelves are held in place with sliding dove tails for the exception of the top shelf which has screws and plugs. It's been a fun little project. Hope ya'll enjoy. Cheers! Luke
  10. Right around 8' as well. Very similar to JohnG in the fact there's duct work, gas lines, etc running all over the place. It's a great place for the lathe or some small hand tool projects.
  11. Went and bought a couple of kayaks. Long weekends of camping and yak’n in the near future Excise the mess in the garage…. Cheers Mates!
  12. Round #2 These 8 bowls went from wet branches/logs to first turnings in about 4 hours
  13. To all fellow turners out there which lathe(s) have you worked with? Which are your favorite(s)? And why? Unfortunately I cannot have anything with a large bed because my constraint is 36” for the bed length. However I can do something with a large(r) swing. As I primarily turn bowls this is fantastic. I’ve been looking at Laguna, and Nova brands but I would love some other opinions. Thanks!
  14. I thought so as well. I thought about avoiding most of the sap wood but after the first one got off the lathe I decided they were pretty cool. They both got a coat of tree saver and put into my little “kiln” so they should*** be ok but we’ll see here in about month or two
  15. Little update from the load of walnut I picked up. Two little dishes/bowls from one of the logs. The one on the left is more straight walled and will be either a decorative dish or catch all tray. One on the right will be more of a traditional shallow bowl. Now we play the old 5 month waiting game to get them dried out. Learned that walnut is SIGNIFICANTLY easier to turn than the white oak I started practicing with. The shavings just glide off.