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  1. Finished product! Decided since this was my first time solely using hand tools for sawing, flattening, dimensioning, jointing, etc I’d start off with something pretty easy like a cutting board. It’s nothing special, but was a nice little training exercise.
  2. This typically happens when you're moving the sander too quickly or using too much downward pressure on the sander causing it to dig into the surface rather than letting the tool do the work. It also might take a while for the sander to remove all the weathered material/stain. Once down to bare wood though you should see most of the linear scratches disappear but will somewhat visible until you proceed through the grits. Another issue might be with the type of random orbit you're using. If the pad is square/rectangular it can leave linear scratches like this. However if you're using
  3. It is a low angle jack plane that I recently bought brand new. I have a couple of older planes that haven't seen or been touched for about 20+ years that I'd like to bring back into a working state. However, I wasn't sure how a good plane was supposed to work so now I have a pretty good benchmark to hopefully get them up to snuff.
  4. Little case of the Monday’s today...
  5. Congrats Mark! Looks like I’m taking a few hour road trip this fall to see it in person
  6. Needs a little bit finessing yet, camber the edges and there’s a very very slight low spot in the middle
  7. Finally getting a chance to use my new hand plane, and it appears to be working pretty well.
  8. If you're using the factory blade I'd highly recommend tossing it and investing in a better blade. Other than that the tricks and tips above should drastically help.
  9. Hope everything goes well!
  10. Looking good so far! Should be fun to watch to the progress.
  11. Steering away from table saws I think a nice plunge router with a table is going to be worth its weight in gold for any new shop. I have the 2.25hp variable speed Bosch which is just behind the table saw in its daily use.
  12. I've had a lot of success with Old Master's Tung Oil finish. It is definitely a blend but goes on very simply and smoothly with a wipe on method. I have the luxury of getting lint free towels/applicators from my profession that would normally go in the trash can if not taken by employees. However I have used the Minwax tung oil finish as well and it's turned out fantastic. Read the can and follow the directions to a "T" is the only advise I'd have when using the Minwax Cheers!
  13. So..if I wanted to commission a walnut door....??? Great work!!!
  14. First coat of finish on and I couldn't be happier