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  1. Paste wax has been more than sufficient for my tables and most of my tools. My block plane got a little rust on it but I'm 100% positive it was user error , because my jack and jointer planes were just fine. Congrats on the retirement!
  2. +1 To this piece of advise. Made that mistake 1 time...never again
  3. I just didn't have enough time to make it "dead on" like I usually do to all my fences. Mainly due to not having enough time last weekend to get it there before I had to head out. All of which will be remedied this weekend. Just the machine and the general feel of it. I had a small benchtop 10" from Grizzly, basically a glorified scroll saw, before upgrading to this one. So just getting to know the difference in power, cut speed, what its capable of, etc, etc. Just need to spend a little quality time using. As for the RK it cuts super well and left a great finish from the first few cuts I made, but I'll definitely give the blade a good once over to make sure there are no whiskers. It also didn't help that I had to back to the store because the blade was mislabeled as a 115" when in reality it was 112" so that took 2 hours of my day to go back and get that fixed up.
  4. The only thing I'm needing to finish up on is getting the fence perfect. It's really close to what I consider acceptable but as of right now works fantastic for rough rips. The other thing is I'm not near as comfortable with it as say the table saw or router yet, but with time I'm sure that will all change and it'll become a staple of the shop.
  5. Ripping rough stock was the main driver behind getting the saw with resawing and curve cutting being the secondary operations behind the purchase.
  6. Definitely the shop assistants pillow. She got a little angry that I had to move it around to put the bandsaw together.
  7. She’s an absolute beaut my friends! Still getting it all set and tuned up. Ended up getting the resaw king and a half inch blade for special purposes, have no idea what I’m going to use it for yet but by god I have it lol. Don’t mind the messy shop, doing some reorganizing and shuffling of equipment.
  8. This is probably going to be the same set up I'll run. Have the resaw blade that lives in the big bandsaw and use the 10" for doing all of the curve/detail work. This might sound like a silly question but is it acceptable to use the resaw king as a rough rip blade as well?
  9. Hello! This weekend I'm going to be upgrading my bandsaw from a 10" benchtop to a Laguna 14/12. I've decided that I definitely want to get the Resaw King. However, I'm stuck on what other blade(s) to grab. Any advice from Bandsaw experts wanted. Cheers! Luke
  10. +1 for Simple Green I've also invested in duplicates of blades that I use the most. If one gets enough pitch on it to where it needs cleaned you just switch it out till you're done for the day/weekend. Helps keep my workflow going in the right direction.
  11. I get a new filter every other year with a cleaning every six months. Just a personal decision but with my chronic sinus issues it really helps (or at least in my head it works who actually knows).
  12. Three of the groomsmen will be getting these. However the last is still a minor and will require something age appropriate.
  13. The Attitude Adjuster 5000!! Also works great as a beer flight Making them for my groomsmen. Nice little weekend project.
  14. You accidentally use just a tad too much glue…
  15. I've been using the Bora system for a few years now and have not had any issues with it. For me its not my "go to" precision tool, nor would a track saw be to be honest. Just because everything, eventually, will be run through the table saw at some point. I passed on getting a track saw for that reason and couldn't really justify the cost for the minimal use it would get in my shop.
  16. I'm going to assume the individual that posted this is no longer visiting the site. The original post was from April of 2020.
  17. Decided it was time to rid a corner of the shop from a single off cut (can’t get rid of all those “future pen blanks, banding, and veneer pieces” am I right?!?) of walnut. Started with a piece that was 2.5” x 1.5” x 33” and made myself a little catch all for the top of my dresser. Just needs some sanding and a little bit of finish. Cheers!
  18. Finally got the end table done. Although not perfect, it’s probably the piece of furniture I’ve made.
  19. Agreed. If its going to be a show piece rather than a touch piece I've had good success with polyacrylic. Did my first coffee table with the stuff and within 1.5 years the finish was shot. Refinished it with oil based, been 4 years now, no issues.
  20. I was thinking this was going to be the best option as well. There is a 15 degree under bevel on the piece as of right now but I'm unsure of what degree to take it to without making it look goofy or just weird (if that makes sense). Would doubling the angle be too steep? Or should I just plane the top down? The total thickness of the top is an 1 5/8" and was thinking if I took it down to 1.5" that would help out quite a bit.
  21. A wise man told me last Sunday..."You know since you just bought her a new couch that she's going to want a whole new living room right?" At first I just shrugged this off, since I just built our last living room set about 2 years ago. Then Wednesday night's conversation came around.... Fiance: "Hey....So I really like the stuff you built 2 years ago. Like I love it. However, it doesn't go with our new couch very well." Me: "Why is the old man right all the damn time!" Fiance: *Very puzzled look* Me: "Dad said this was coming and I said he was nuts. But obviously he has infinite knowledge....." Fiance: "'re going to make new stuff right? Me: ".............*sighs*...........absolutely babe." Which brings me to this weekend! Although not a true "journal" because I forgot to take pictures throughout the whole process. but once the end table is done I'll make a true journal with the Coffee Table, TV stand, and Sofa Tables soon to follow. Materials: Spalted Maple and Walnut (Fiances choices of course, I know who the boss is) All of the pictures are from a dry assembly so I could see how it all looked before I gave it the final "ok". Still needs sanded and edge treatments. Also not thrilled about the top being so thick and might plane it down a bit. Half laps are being used for the leg joinery with a dado holding the shelf in place. Legs are angled @ 15degrees and I was able to finally build my tapering jig that I put off for almost a year (bonus!) And after putting a couple coats of shellac on the grew on me...pretty awesome looking stuff. Hope you all enjoy! More to come. Cheers! Luke
  22. I'm really excited to work with the Sycamore, unfortunately do not have a plan for it yet but I'm sure I'll find something. The walnut is for my mom's new dining table that she's been wanting for about 15 years now . The hickory will be some new shelving for her laundry room (still working out the details for this), and the spalted material is going to be used in some new living room furniture for my living room. Should be a very busy summer none the less
  23. Got some shopping done today Hickory, Spalted Hackberry, Sycamore, Walnut, and some Elm under the walnut. Going to be a busy Summer.