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  1. I think i'll go ahead and extend it further, i can always use the extra material from the new sheet for something else. Not sure how much more to extend it though. I'd rather not have it go all the way to the floor. The current panel is 6in wide.
  2. That was one of my concerns... I didn't want my desk to weigh too much and also would have had to purchase another 8ft x 4ft plywood sheet just for that panel. But i guess if it's going to add that much more rigidity to the desk, it's worth it. What is the least size you would go for that panel? The legs are 29in high so that's the most i can go. The current panel is only 6in wide.
  3. Recently started my first ever wood project, decided on a pretty simple computer desk design. It's made from 3/4in Birch plywood. The question i have is, should i put more pocket holes for the main legs and the shelf legs? Not really sure how much strength each pocket hole adds and what is or isn't enough depending on the size and weight. I have 4 pocket holes on each of the insides of the main legs and 2 pocket holes for the shelf legs at the top and bottom. Should i add more between the current holes? Or maybe add some on the outsides? (I have a 2in overhang on the main legs and 1in over hang on shelf legs, so the pocket holes won't be too visible on outside if i do that) Below are some pictures of the design of the desk i made in sketch up and the current amount of pocket holes i have for the legs. If you have any other pointers or things for me to be aware of, feel free to share, thanks!