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  1. Thanks everyone for your responses For some reason I never got word/e-mail/message of your replies. And, I didn't know how to retrieve the post. Ok. Jose Prado
  2. I use recycled oak and want to "erase" the existing stain without sanding. Is this possible? Is it simply a question of using bleach? Thanks!
  3. Hit this link for interesting woodworking newspaper article: Enjoy
  4. Does anyone have any idea where I might get plans for this chair?
  5. I'm making sashes for double hung window for my home. I purchased a reversible routerbit set from whiteside ( Having difficulty: Do I use the washers between the bearing and the cutters in the stile mode? Thanks in advance!
  6. I switched from my old dewalt 9.6 volt battery powered drill to a 12 volt lithium powered milwaukee drill. The battery was supposed to last longer. It did not. Two new batteries are about $40 each. I paid about $100 for the drill. I ask myself (and you) the rhetorical question: Should I just buy a new drill and add more heap to landfills or buy a corded drill that won't give out for a much longer time? The sincere question: So then, are there any corded drills with the size and handling of the smaller battery powered drills, however? Thanks!
  7. At what price do the folks he cuts down sell their logs? Sorry, but I just had to do it!
  8. I recently received a ton of walnut plywood - all 1" thick from disassembled library bookshelves. I wonder if I'd damage my planer blades if I would run some "resawn" plywood through my planer. what are anyone's thoughts/experiences on this?