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  1. You guys have been a great help. Thank you. I'll work through these suggestions. Eventually with either get to the bottom of this, live with the darker spots or stain it darker to hide them I guess.
  2. Thanks. Without drilling into it or continuing to sand I cannot first hand confirm solid/veneer however I am in contact with someone who refinished the same table and says it's solid wood. Though maple was a guess. He's not sure on species. I know the company also worked in walnut.
  3. It was a full body stain. Kinda of a dark gross green. My feeling that this piece is solid wood. It's very very heavy, it was made in the 50's by a sought after midcentury designer called T H Robsjohn. I believe the wood is maple. Could wood be burnt from sanding? Is that a thing? Thanks for all the looks.
  4. Hi. I'm refinishing a vintage (1950s) table. I've stripped the old finish off of it and been sanding it down and but i'm seeing the darker areas and I'm not sure how to proceed. Any advice or information on what I'm seeing is appreciated.