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  1. I almost grabbed that very bit! But, given the cost, and how likely I'd use it again... it just didn't make financial sense. Thanks though!
  2. Sigh. It was part of the design, I just didn't plan it out well. First woodworking project I've taken on since woodshop days in high school. I've got some stuff to learn! In my head, a chamfer was a "finishing" feature, and I didn't consider the logistics of getting it done once the desk was assembled :/ So you are suggestion just a simple fillet to finish that edge out? I'll have to think on this.
  3. Thanks for all the responses! So general consensus - hand tools are the way to go! @G Ragatz, I hadn't considered the circ saw plate only being able to rotate in one direction (doh!), so it looks like I'll be doing more than just that middle angled section by hand. I've never done anything like this before, so I'm a little nervous - but I will certainly be practicing! Now if only I didn't have this dang day job and could just be in the shop...
  4. Thanks for your reply Dave! That's what I was afraid of (I'm under a time constraint), but was hoping there'd be some trick with a powertool I didn't know/think about. Thankfully the section in question isn't terribly large, so it won't be that time consuming. If you think of anything else, I'm all ears! As it stands, I think the chisel route is going to turn out the best.
  5. Hello all! I'm finishing up a large L-Shaped desk and I'd like to add a chamfer to the front edge of my desk. It's a relatively large chamfer, 5/8" x 2", so using a hand router is not practical. I think a circular saw would work pretty well, the chamfer angle is 15 degrees, and I can set the circular saw to that angle. Where it gets tricky is the angled section of the front edge. I can't really get at that area with the circular saw. Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated! Here is a screenshot of my project