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  1. Hi everyone, Well I gave it a clean with oil soap as recommended, and it's looking much brighter. I'm not sure now whether to keep it authentic or go for the strip and refinish. If I did use a wood epox to fill the legs how easy would it be to stain to match? Or would I then have to redo the whole thing? It wouldn't be very visible of course. The legs still feel quite solid, and the broken stretcher actually came out cleanly as they are not glued in, so the holes are empty. I'm intrigued by dowl steaming. How is that done? Do you need specialist kit? Thanks again to
  2. Hi, thanks for the replies. I took another photo of the damage to the legs. Not sure if it's insect damage or just age and mistreatment. The wood is not soft so I'm guessing it's not fungal. Yes, it lost a stretcher (toddler damage). I'd not really thought of replacing it, as I'm not 100% on what type of wood it is. I'd imagine the construction is pretty basic so not sure it would come apart without further damage. I'll start by cleaning it up as recommended, then report back.
  3. Hi all, I signed up hoping for some expert advice. I have a beloved foot stool which my Dad made in school a rather long time ago. It's seen better days and I would love to get it back into good condition. I'm imagining I start by sanding it and then applying a new finish, but no idea what type would be best. The underside of the legs also looks a bit worrying. TIA