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  1. Oh man! I took out the manual and the part that I thought I could just swap out is called a mounting flange. I’ll see if I can get one of those but if not I’ll gift the blade to someone.
  2. Sure! It’s an American bought blade. It’s a Diablo ultra finish with 80 teeth. It fits on the arbor but not on the nut thing that sits on the arbor. Flange?
  3. Sure! It’s an American bought blade. It’s a Diablo ultra finish with 80 teeth. It fits on the arbor but not on the nut thing that sits on the arbor. Flange?
  4. That’s the weird thing. The arbor fits the blade but that other piece that I don’t know what it’s called- it’s the right circle in your photo- the new blade can’t ride on it
  5. Here’s a photo of the same part in the factory blade. The problem with my new blade is that the hole is too small for that part to sit on
  6. I think we mostly have whatever the Europeans have. We also run on 220 electricity. I get a lot of tools from EU and UK
  7. Yeah. That works fine. Especially with factory blade.
  8. Hi everyone. I got a Freud blade for my 10” contractor saw. It’s a Bosch GTS 10XC. The problem is that the arbour hole is smaller on the Freud blade than on the factory blade that Bosch puts out and therefore doesn’t sit well with the arbour nut (not sure if that’s the term). Does anyone have experience with getting a replacement arbour nut to use with Freud blades or have I just selected the wrong arbour hole and need a new blade?
  9. Wow thanks everyone! I feel a bit silly. But happy there’s an easy solution. I won’t see it for a while anyway bc of the pandemic, so backorder hardly matters. Thank you again!
  10. I’m making the castle bookcase that Marc Spagnolo made in 2016 for woodworkers fighting cancer. It’s 3/4” Baltic birch ply. I didn’t have an appropriate router bit for the dados so I used my tracksaw. I’ve done this for one dado before but it was fine. All my dados turned out a bit tight and I sanded and now they’re too loose! Like flopping over loose. I have a few questions: 1. Recommended router bit for 3/4 dados for ply? 2. Does ply expand and contract at all? There’s a high humidity where I live and it’s been raining and my shop is an agro hoop house 3. Does it matter once it’s all glued and screwed? Ie shall I just go for it and hope the glue swells the wood?
  11. Oh wait! I didn't see this! OK i gotta digest this. I also should see if my track is straight. And I need to move the zero clearance material over so I can redo the calibration, as it got chewed up. This looks cool. Thank you!
  12. Thank you!!:) I don't have a nice framing square - any recs?
  13. Does anyone know where in the USA I can have a Veritas router plane shipped to a USA address? Or if anyone has ordered it from Lee Valley, do you know what the customs fee is?
  14. Thank you!!! Length and width. And I also had some kickback on my tracks and tore up the zero clearance rubber. I do not own a good square - been thinking to get a framing square. Do you have a rec for the size? I have a speed square and some combination squares. Also a T-square but nothing so big.