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  1. Hey, Mark. No, you are right to have me clarify. There is a lot going on. I noticed my cuts are not 90 degrees. So my boxes had no chance of being square. Now, there could be a few reasons - i could just somehow be off by a mm and then the error gets bigger with the length of the board. I did some experimenting and playing around (using a finish cut to calibrate the zero clearance edge, and ripping with one track at a time, rather than connecting). That could also be it. I guess I will have to try again and see. The other issue is my track. And there are a few issues. I will start with th
  2. Do you think that is impacting my accuracy? The main reason I opted for the cutting on the ground, and, to be honest, the actual track saw, is so i can just get on with my cuts and not have to rely on my husband to help me move the ply. Since we're always on lockdown, we're generally together so it's not an issue at the moment, but the workflow would probably be impacted. At the moment I am so frustrated I don't care where I cut- as long as it's square, which seems to be the main issue right now.
  3. The scoring feature is incredible. I did a few experiments - my blade is so new I don't really see a difference, but I think it's what sets the Makita apart. My husband managed to obtain some foam insulation, which is hard to come by here, where most homes are made of solid concrete (awful). I am getting a bit annoyed with cutting on my hands and knees - might switch to cutting on a piece of OSB I found.
  4. Congratulations on the twins! Nice shop, too! CLE is a great city with lovely people!! Enjoy!
  5. Hi, everyone! Here is an update and a question. So far, I absolutely love this saw - it feels so much safer than a circ saw, and it seems to me very quality. I have ripped down a sheet of 12 mm ply (3/8") and made some boxes for children's toy storage. I am not happy with them (or rather, myself). As you can see, the handle slots are wonky - I don't have a drill press, but even if I did, it would not help, because my boxes are not square. The first cuts I made, I was breaking in the zero clearance edge of the track - I attached the two tracks, started from a bit down the track, and finished be
  6. OK sorry one more question - how do you store the tracks safely? Hang on wall? Track bag?
  7. Oh this is so helpful - thank you so much! I will also experiment with the scoring feature and see how that does.
  8. I am trying to find the foam stuff - sending my husband out for it some time this week. I don't know if there is a word for it since we build here with concrete and no insulation (and terrible aluminium windows!). But I hope he finds because i think it will pinch the blade less and my chances for that are higher since my arms aren't so long and I will have to kneel on the board as i go. I will definitely report back about the scoring feature - i think it's unique to Makita and as such, definitely an excellent selling point!
  9. Track saw arrived from the UK - rails should be here by Tuesday! I went into a bit more detail here Thanks for the help, everyone!
  10. I think that is what I will do. Something like this pic?
  11. I have a contractor saw with a really crap guard. I am spending some days in the shop with a guy in his 60s who is a master Japanese craftsman.. He told me the blade guards are unsafe and made by bureaucrats. It's exactly why he doesn't like the gripper - you can't see the blade.
  12. Hi, everyone. I am in search of a great impact driver - strongly leaning to Makita or Milwaukee. I am not a professional but will probably be building all the cabinetry in the house we're building. I am very overwhelmed with the different models and volt batteries. I am unable to test them out in Lowe's or Home Depot because I live in Israel and rely on YouTube for reviews (and I am still confused!). So i figured I would ask here. I am not a very large woman by any means and not especially strong - just average. So something on the smaller and lightweight side. I was advised to go for bru
  13. Mark, great resource - thank you! That is a great point you make. Also given the scoring option the Makita saw has, you're probably doubly right.
  14. Been contemplating purchasing the Gripper. I have been told it's a must, and I have been told it's more dangerous because you can't see the blade. Wondering what people's thoughts are and why. Thanks!
  15. Do you have any recs? For my table saw I got a Diablo made by Freud, but is there an ideal teeth count for ply?