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  1. Thanks again! I think I'm going to pull the trigger and order it. I also think I'll switch it to 220V since I already have it run and I prefer the lower amp draw. I know there are other choices but I can't find anything better at $1,000 with free shipping. I have a Harbor Freight DC and I built my own Thien baffle for it - I love it. Thanks again for the quick reply!
  2. Mark, thanks for this extended review. I have three more days to decide whether or not to buy this saw while it's on sale. Now that you've had it for a while, anything new to report? I've watched as many videos on it as I could find (including one by Alex Snodgrass himself!), and the only thing that looks like it would be annoying long-term is the fence. I don't love the idea that removing the fence is a two step operation. How rigid is the fence? Do you find yourself using it in the rip position more than the lower one, or are you switching back and forth a lot? How is the dust col